Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's Grosser Than Gross?

This is a re-cap of an event that took place last night. Proceed with caution, it's gross.

Seriously, there has to be a "Mommy Award" for this one.

Ethan woke up in pain around 2:00 am. It was time for his Motrin and without much fuss he took his chewable tablet and asked for his "chockie milk". No problem. Well, I guess he cheeked his tablet while drinking. When he was done drinking, I told him just to chew it up and swallow it (which he did), however, he didn't want anything more to drink.

Now, this is where it starts to get bad. Ethan was resting in the crook of my arm and started snuggling into me. About a minute later, without any warning, he vomited all 8 0z of his stomach contents onto my face. I was too far away to tap Tim and therefore had to call out his name to wake him up. (The act of which causing regurgitated Pediasure to seep into my mouth.) I am seriously trying not to throw up myself at this point. It took a minute for Tim to realize what was happening and to get out of bed to turn on the light.

Tim eventually figures it out and took Ethan to get him cleaned up, but honestly Ethan looked good compared to me. It was all over my hair and face, pooling on my chest and dripping down the back of my neck. Although disgusting, I wasn't horrified yet. I calmly went into the bathroom and started to get cleaned up. I washed as much stuff out of my hair as I could and then just put it up in a bun. I changed my clothes and got a warm washcloth to clean my face, chest, neck, and arms.

I got back into bed thinking that I could to go back to sleep when I realize that while laying down, vomited Pediasure had dripped into my nose and was now sitting in my sinuses. As I laid there trying to go back to sleep, this disgusting Pediasure would slowly drain down the back of my throat!! I had to get up several times to spit in the sink (because it was just too yucky to swallow) and this morning I have really cute Pediasure boogers to remind me of the events of last night.

True story.

Sorry, I told you it was gross.



Melissa said...

Wow - Eww. You should get an award for that!!!

buddens said...

That reminds me of a favorite phrase you once used in St. George one night while you, Holly and I were all crammed in one bed at the house Grandma and Grandpa used to rent. I don't recall if you were talking in your sleep or what, but I remember you shouting, "Ew, grodo! Get out of my bed!"

It would've certainly been appropriate last night!

And that really is a gross story.

carolyn q said...

Okay. . .I am feeling so sorry for you. I even found myself putting my hand up to my mouth, so I didn't vomit while reading this.
Can't really say. .Thanks for sharing either. Will never be able to look at another bottle of pediasure without thinking of your experience. LOL
You are a strong momma!

Ty and Ber said...

You definitely should get some sort of Mommy Award for that.

The Gatherum Family said...

seriously disgusting-hey neal just called and told me about ethan. seriously al, what can i do???

Marie H. said...

Oh man! That is gross. Even worse than pregnancy heartburn! Allison, you seriously need a break to regroup from all of this. Poor thing!