Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Waiting

These 3 pictures were taken this morning. I still think that it is getting bigger (even from yesterday). He still hasn't got a raging fever but has been flirting with one all day (high 99's to the highest being 100.4). The lump is definitely hurting him. He doesn't even like me taking pictures of it. Also, when he is laying down he will just whine and say "Ow" and pull the blanket up to his neck.
We took him to the Pediatrician's office and they wanted home health to come and draw some labs (a CBC and a CRP). The nurse just left and we should know if it is infection or just fluid by the results. Now, with that being said, the doctor won't call us until the morning, but at least I will have a small idea of what we are dealing with tonight.
The overall impression that I get from the doctor's is that they are not too concerned with it unless he starts running a fever again (since he is already on such a heavy duty antibiotic). But honestly, even if it is "just" fluid, eventually you would have to drain it if it keeps getting bigger, right?
This is all starting to get to me. I am trying my best to roll with the punches, but my reserves are pretty low at the moment. I know that many families have endured worse (and for much longer time periods) but this yo-yo is getting me down.

On a lighter note. Ethan was kind of grumpy this morning (come on now, can you really blame him? Look at that thing!). Anyway, Ethan was lying in bed watching a show and as soon as Gavin walked into the room, Ethan's face LIT up and he wanted Gavin to lay next to him in bed. Once they got settled in, Ethan reached out his hand for Gavin to hold while they watched t.v.. It really was the sweetest thing and truly warmed my heart. They really missed each other during the last 2 weeks. They are such good brothers.


The Simmons Family said...

Ok... definetly getting bigger! That would freak me out!! Regardless if he has a fever, it's uncomfortable and obviously not right. Can you imagine the pressure in there if it is fluid?? Poor guy. Hopefully the rollercoaster will end soon.

Kaidence's Mommy said...

Hopefully the doctors will call you first thing in the morning. You have every right to feel tired and worn down. Hang in there for the night and hopefully tomorrow you will have a plan after speaking with the doctors. Keep your chin up and know that we are praying for your WHOLE family tonight. Let me know if you need any help with anything. I could run by your house pretty quickly.

Staci said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, this has been quite an adventure for all of you. It is very difficult to have your lives hanging on a yo-yo string. You are doing great! I will keep you in my prayers.

Staci (angel Bridger's mom)

buddens said...

Those last few pictures are so cute! What sweeties.

Don't beat yourself up over getting down! Sheesh! One thing I've realized in my life is that trials and struggles definitely put things into perspective, and it DOES help to count your blessings and realize how many people have it worse. HOWEVER, knowing this doesn't make your struggle go away, and you still have to deal with it, and hard is still hard, even if it's not the "hardest" thing anyone on earth has ever gone through. Just my two cents. I wish I could somehow fill up your energy stores for you! That roller-coaster ride can't be fun, but I'm always impressed with the way you handle and approach things. Hopefully the lump problem is solved quickly and easily!

gatherum1 said...

Wish there was something I could do to make this all go away, especially that awful-looking lump. It is definitely bigger and getting more color to it. Hope the doctors figure it out soon and that you can move forward without all the ups and downs. Take care of yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help. I know this has been a trial, but you are doing an amazing job in spite of the setbacks. Love, hugs and prayers always.

Jenn said...

Oh those pictures of Gav & Ethan are sooooo cute! Its amazing how sweet and full of love these siblings are for each other!

cici said...

Seromas from surgery can get pretty big. I have a feeling it will start going down as quickly as it came on. The Dr. may wait to see if it resolves on its own or do a simple aspiration. I understand how you feel and anything strange to us is scary, but soon it will just be a memory.
The main thing is to keep Ethan smiling and not let him think you are worried about it.
Know we are all praying for your sweet boy.
{{hugs for a special mommy}}

The Gatherum Family said...

you ARE doing AMAZING. i seriously can't believe it---i DEFINTELY think a GIRLS NIGHT is in order. let's go the week after TG and just get you away from everything. hope you are okay. see ya tomorrow

The Shelley Family said...

oh the poor little guy! that looks so painful! the lump is HUGE!
in my opinion the doctors need to do SOMETHING to ease his pain and get rid of the bump. this little guy has been through enough (and so have u) bug em till they help him!
i can see it in his eyes that he is miserable, i am sure you can see it too. i pray each day that he will take his meds and get well soon!

Ty and Ber said...

Love the picture of Ethan and Gavin. How freakin sweet is that?

The lump definitely looks bigger. Man, what a rollercoaster ride. Hopefully thing will start going right.