Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today's Happenings

Ethan did really good today. He is only taking Tylenol for pain now and that seems to be enough. He hasn't needed any Morphine since last night. They pulled the pressure dressing off today and although the color is better, Ethan still has the large lump above his incision. The doctor seemed a little disappointed with this and now wants to get more aggressive. I wasn't at the hospital when the doctors made rounds this morning, but I guess the plan now is to place a PICC line. They wanted to do it today, but being the weekend, they didn't have the correct staff in house to get it done. They will try and get it done tomorrow, but if not, they will for sure place one on Monday. From what Tim has said (I haven't talked with anyone myself) they are placing it because his CRP and WBC's are still elevated even though he is on some strong antibiotics. So in light of his labs (and the existing lump), they want to run a course of IV antibiotics for 14 days. Tim said that once he is stable, then we can maybe go home with the PICC line and do his antibiotic therapy from home. I will be at the hospital tomorrow and will hopefully get a little bit more specific answers to what the plan of treatment will be.

Here are a few pictures from today.

Ethan didn't eat much on his lunch tray, but as you can see, he really enjoyed his ice cream sandwich.

My parents came up to see Ethan tonight. My dad brought a couple of books that Ethan likes him to read when they are together. Ethan's face honestly lit up with a huge smile and started kicking his leg when he saw the books. My dad read them both a few times.

Ethan has had about enough of everything at the hospital and that includes my picture taking. He was perfectly content right before this picture was taken, but then he saw the camera and began to fuss. I didn't think that I took THAT many pictures.

This is what he started to do in protest of me taking his picture.

And again, we were going on a wagon ride and he was very happy until the camera AGAIN came out. I guess I should just stop taking pictures, but I can't bring myself to stop.

So, this was my attempt at getting a picture of Ethan and I together. Tim is not a camera person and will never pick it up when he is there. So, I took matters into my own hands and this is the best I could get. I think the only reason I wasn't getting an attitude was because he was eating his Cheetos.


Ty and Ber said...

I love that picture of Ethan after he had eaten his ice cream sandwich. That is too bad that he has to have a PICC line and that the lump is still there. Have they found the culprit?

cici said...

So happy to see a few smiles in there and that Ethan loves to read with his granddad. Those Staph bugs are tough to beat and resistant to many good old antibiotics. My son had one from a bug bite that turned into red streaks up his arm that lasted a while.
I hope they find the right medicine to knock it out. Tell Ethan he is too funny trying to avoid the camera lens.;)and also how much we enjoy seeing his photos and are praying for him to feel all better and be home again.
He's my hero of the week!