Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No New News, Just Pics

I know that this picture isn't the greatest but I was just trying to get an image showing just how scrawny this little guy is now (this picture doesn't even give it justice). He officially lost 2 pounds (real weight, not water), which doesn't sound like a lot, but on this little man, it is.

These 2 pictures were taken before his haircut this morning. I needed to place new stickers on his cheeks for his oxygen, but his hair was too long. I also wanted to show you that his lump really is shrinking. Go Lump, Go!

These last 2 pictures were taken just after I cut his hair and changed his arm wrap (he likes to pick out the color). He wasn't happy about the whole process, and it's not the best haircut that he's had, but at least he's not so shaggy. It will look even better when it is actually styled.
Both Gavin and Spencer have been neglected in the haircut department as well. So little do they know it, but they will be ambushed as soon as they get home today. Why do boys hate getting their hair cut? I like getting my hair cut. Silly, silly boys.


cici said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! That ol' thing is becoming a memory fast! He looks much happier. He will be beefing up before your very eyes as he eats you out of house and home soon.
Nice job on the haircut, it is strange how boys rebel against losing their hair ;)Maybe it's the sitting still for too long?
Have a great week.

Fowers Family said...

I am so glad to see things are better! Have a good Thanksgiving! Love, Jody