Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Catch-Up Post

So I don't have any pictures of Spencer on his Birthday. He is at the age where it is hard to get him in any pictures. However, this is a quick re-cap of our birthday festivities.

Gavin got a Nintendo DS for his birthday. He was VERY excited about it.

He also loves SpongeBob and puzzles. So this floor puzzle was a good find.

My Birthday was yesterday. A sweet friend of mine (thanks again, Rachel) brought me by this cute clown ice cream. I used to admire these from afar when I was a little kid. It was fun to finally get one.

We combined Emily and Ethan's family party and had a SpongeBob theme. The kids had fun with the extra hats.

Ethan opening one of his presents.

We went to Chuck-E-Cheese on Ethan's birthday to celebrate. He LOVED this dog ride and had a hard time sharing with the other kids who wanted a turn.

These pictures are a little out of order, but Ethan simply LOVES cupcakes. He had about 3 the night of his party.

Emily and one of her gifts. The kids always get spoiled and love every minute of it.

Emily making use of her extra hat.

This is my niece Addison. She is the cutest little bug ever. Her mom says that this is her "flirting" face. She is honestly too cute.

Again, out of order, but you can see how delighted Ethan was when riding with his dog at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Spencer and Emily playing one of their favorite games. Spencer was too into it to even look at me for the picture.

Gavin and his tickets. He loves shopping for prizes with his tickets before we go home. The prizes are totally lame, but hey, whatever makes them happy.

Ethan waiting at the table for another turn on his dog ride. He really had a hard time letting the other children have a turn. It's so hard being 3.

Emily is such a poser. She is my one child who doesn't EVER shy away from the camera. She LOVES being in the spotlight. It makes me wonder what she will be like when she gets older.

Anyway, I still have lots of pictures from a previous Hope Kids event, a family wedding in March, and from Spencer's band concert last night. But these will have to wait for another time.
Also, we are finally going to have Emily's friend birthday party tomorrow (I know, 3 weeks late), but she wanted to go to a fish farm and so we've had to wait for good weather. Anyway, I am sure I will have some pictures from that as well. Until next time! Muah!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Really, Are You Surprised?

I'm hopeless. Even when I set a goal for a weekly update, I still can't get my rear into gear. In my defense though, we have been busy.

We've had all 6 of our birthday's in the last 2 months. I also started watching my neice 3 days a week which has kept me busy. I realize that this should just give me some material to post, but, as you can see, I am struggling to make the time to sit and do some posts.

We've also been busy with the Springs sporting season. Both Gavin and Emily were in soccer (I say were, because Emily's last game was Tuesday). Between the 2 of them we've had between 2-3 games a week. This was a cold and rainy season, so it was hard to get any "action" shots. We were either bundled up in a blanket, hiding underneath an umbrella, or in the rush to get people where they were supposed to be, I would forget my camera altogether.

Spencer has also been very busy with his school track team. He has been training for the discus and shotput events. He has worked very hard and has really enjoyed being a part of the team.

Tim and I also went out of town last week. We went to Phoenix for a DRI conference for Tim and had such a fun time. It was a totally adult trip and I couldn't have needed it more. It has been a long and stressful winter for the both of us and it was so nice to just spend some time together as well as some other very fun and entertaining adults.

We stayed at a really nice resort and spent lots of time relaxing and basking in the hot sun. Also, Tim's boss was extremely generous and bought a round of golf for him (his favorite thing) and a massage for myself (my favorite thing) while we were there. The whole trip was heavenly (minus the day I was sick, boo hoo). It honestly couldn't have come at a better time.

Anyway, I PROMISE I will do another "catch-up" post tomorrow with a lot more pictures (my computer is running really slow right now for some reason). But until then, I can at least give you some of the sports pictures that I did take.