Monday, April 27, 2009

Emily's Birthday Dinner

We decided that we would let Emily choose where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner. She had never been to the Texas Roadhouse and wanted to try it out. When the servers came with the saddle for her to sit on, Emily tried to put on an embarrassed face (as see above). But if any of you know Emily, not only was she NOT embarrassed, she was absolutely LOVIN' the attention (as seen below).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kids Will Be Kids

Gavin decided that while I was trying to get a nap in before I had to work yesterday, that the new spring fashion includes the mustache.

Then, while I was at work for only a few minutes, I received a phone call from Tim which started with, "Guess where I'm at right now"? This of course never follows with good news and this time was no exception. The answer was "Insta Care".

This is what he does when you ask him if he has and owie. Even right now, he is sitting on my lap, pointing at his picture, and saying "Ow"? "Ow"?

For as active as he is now, surprisingly these are his first "accidental" stitches. Of course, he already has many scars from is past surgeries, so really, what's one more?