Friday, August 29, 2008

My Fun Announcement!

So for all of you who thought I might be pregnant, I am sorry to disappoint. The reality is that I have actually been invited to go to Mali, Africa on a volunteer humanitarian mission.

Every year a group of OB/GYN doctors and nurses (through the Utah Alliance) travel to Africa and perform much needed surgeries on women. Prior to surgery, these women are shunned by their communities because their "female" conditions are so severe. They simply don't have access to this type of medical care and services on their own. I really look forward to giving of my time and services.

So, needless to say, I am totally excited (and yet also very anxious/nervous). A good friend of mine has volunteered the last couple of years and has said that it is an absolutely life changing experience. And obviously since hearing her stories, I've always wanted to go. However, after Ethan was born, I never thought that this would actually ever be an option for me. The crazy thing is, is that I didn't even know my friend was going this year. We were simply talking about something non-related when the topic came up. And, it just so happens that this year my friend was put in charge of finding another nurse to go. She asked if I would be interested, and after discussing it in detail with Tim and my parents, we decided that this was an opportunity that couldn't be passed up.

Now as with everything, there is a down side. There is obviously the cost that will be involved (as a volunteer you are financially responsible to get there as well as EVERYTHING you need while you're there). But, the part that makes me the most anxious is that it is a FULL 2 week excursion. I have NEVER been away from Tim that long, let alone my kids. It is slightly reassuring that Ethan is stable and in between surgeries, but I hate the thought of leaving ANY of my family for that long. It will definitely be an adventure as well as a sacrifice for myself, my family, and my parents who will be helping while I am gone.

As far as the time frame goes, we will be leaving a few days after Christmas, so I will have a little time to prepare (but not much considering all that I need to do). Also, I am planning on sending out letters to local businesses in an attempt to raise money to offset some of the costs of the trip. As awkward as this may be, I am hoping that they will see it is for a valuable and needed service. (If you know of any that might be interested/willing, please let me know)

Anyway, so that is my fun news. I am working on creating a blog with my friend's pictures and experiences from the last 2 years, and then I will update it when I can with my own stories and pictures. I will create a link to it when it is up and running.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pictures as Promised

This is Ethan's 2nd plane ride. He came with Tim and I to Las Vegas when we went on our weekend get away. I know I am lame, but I still have a hard time leaving him. We had a great time and Ethan loved all of the 1 on 1 attention.

This was taken at the MGM Grand. This lion display is right in the middle of the casino. I don't think Ethan was quite sure what to think about it. At times he was intrigued and at times he looked concerned.

While the kids are off track, we decided to get a family pass at the zoo. I was feeling adventurous and (by myself) took all 4 kids for an afternoon. Ethan loved the animals and would scream (literally) with delight at each new display. We went to the bird show which was also fun for the kids. With the exception of one of Emily's melt downs (over a stupid map I might add) it was a really fun day. I think we will be going often this year.

While I was feeling adventurous, I also took the kids to my parents cabin for 4 days. (Again, by myself, Tim had to stay home and work). My parents did come up for 1 night which was really nice. The kids and I had several scavenger hunts, rode 4 wheelers, watched movies, and played lots of games. In this picture, we were eating lasagna for dinner and Ethan insisted on feeding himself. He is definitely finding his own little personality. We really had a lot of fun.

Gavin (as well as all of the kids I guess) have developed a fascination with my Ipod. Gavin will find it and have me play the song "We're not gonna take it" by Twisted Sister. He is such a funny kid.

I don't know why Spencer didn't make it into any of the pictures. He tends to wander off and do his own things at times. He did want me to take one of him on the 4 wheeler at the cabin but it was too dark when he asked. We decided to take one the next day, and of course we were having to much fun doing other things, we both forgot. Oops.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I completely admit that I have been in a blog funk. Nobody but myself to blame. And really, there is no good reason. We have been really busy, but that should just give me more to write about. Right? Also, I have been very poor about leaving comments on all of your blogs. I do read each and every one and really have no excuse. I am sorry. I will do better.

Anyway, since the last post (over 1 month ago, I know), the kids have started school and have already gone off track (they are in year round school). They return back next Tuesday. I really like their teachers so far this year and hope that I am not disappointed.

While off track we have tried to keep busy. The kids and I spent 4 days at my parents cabin. We bought a year pass and had a fun day at the zoo. And Tim and I spent a 4 day weekend getaway in Las Vegas. I do have pictures of all of our adventures and will post them soon.

I also have some REALLY fun news that I will post about in a few days when I have a few more details. You'll have to stay tuned. I promise I won't leave you hanging long. I will update soon!