Thursday, November 19, 2009

Give Me Your Opinion

Does his "lump" of infection look like it's getting worse to you? Ya, me too.
I've sent these pictures to the cardiothoracic nurse practitioner and she will show them to Dr. Kaza in the morning. He's already on the antibiotic that is supposed to treat his infection. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the doctor says in the morning. I'll keep you updated.


The Hood's said...

Poor little guy! Oh how I wish the infection would clear up! It must be so painful for him! I LOVE the pics from the last post! He does seem so happy to be home. Lots of luck with the "lump"! Lots of thoughts and prayers still coming your way!

Blake and Jessica said...

Yes, it definetely does look different and has changed from the previous pictures below. His poor chest, I can see where the chest tubes were in and it looks like pacing wires? I am impressed though that despite all of this garbage, he is smiling!

Kyle and Alli said...

Oh what a roller coaster for you guys! Hopefully Dr. Kaza will have some answers in the morning!

Mike and Rebecca said...

I think its infected, to me it doesn't look good, I hope Dr. Kaza will have some answers soon...he looks happy!


cici said...

I'm glad you sent pictures to the Dr. he will know for sure. It could be a "Seroma" (a pocket of clear fluid that could last days or weeks til it is reabsorbed)probably from trauma.
If it gets red, hot painful has drainage or little man gets listless and not eating at all then it could be something like an abcess,but since he is on the correct antibiotic and he looks happy, it should just be a temporary bump and on the road to healing.
Hope tomorrow brings good news!

carolyn q said...

That doesn't look good to me either. I hope you get some encouraging info to help. Poor Ethan. . . he has really had to fight through this one. It's got to get better!

Ty and Ber said...

It does look worse but different than it use to. No bruising really this time so it doesn't look like a bleeder just more like he has a pocket of fluid of some sorts back there. How does it feel? Is it squishy or hard? Will they lance it?
Keep us posted. Love his smiles!

One Happy Heart Family said...

Ouchy!! Poor guy! Does he complain about it? Hopefully the doctor can give you an good solution! What a cutie. The rest of him looks so good. Can't believe how fast their little scars heal! Good Luck!!!