Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Surgery Update #1

Ethan was kissed goodbye and went on a wagon ride with Dr. Hannon (the Anesthesiologist) around 7:45 this morning. We just got a call that all of his lines are in, he is hooked up to the heart/lung bypass machine, and that they have made the first incision.

We spoke with Dr. Kaza (the surgeon) this morning and we really liked him. We feel like Ethan is in good hands and that he will be OK. He told us that he won't have to stop Ethan's heart this time which is comforting. We will keep things updated as the morning progresses. Thank you for all of your support.



Ty and Ber said...

Praying for the best for Ethan and your fam today. I will be looking forward to the updates.

The Simmons Family said...

We're praying for Ethan buddy!

The Hood's said...

Lots of prayers and well wishes coming your way! We LOVED Dr. Kaza and also felt very comfortable knowing that he was caring for Alex.
He looks darling in his pictures! What a trooper to make it through all the pokes!
I am so happy to hear that he will avoid bypass.... what a great thing! Can't wait to hear more updates!

Traci Peterson said...

So far so good! Hope the rest of the surgery continues to go smoothly! I know this won't be an easy day for you!

BTW, I have some spicy chicken soup in the freezer if you need a quick dinner for tonight...let me know. : )

Traci Bulkley said...

Hope everything continues to go as planned. Dr. Kaza did Maddox's norwood and we really loved him. He's an amazing surgeon, and I loved how often he visited us through out the whole hospital stay. Ethan is in good hands! Lots of prayers for your family.