Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

As you can see, I've stopped trying to get creative with my titles. In fact, writing the date seems to help keep me on track (because things are beginning to all run together).

So, we still haven't gone for the echo. They had a hard time fitting us in somewhere but they have found us a slot at 12:30 this afternoon. In the meantime, Ethan is taking a nap and I figured I would just give a quick update.

As far as I can tell we will still be coming home tomorrow. Although we just had a consult with an "Infectious Disease" doctor to see if they felt he may have osteomyelitis (a bone infection, in this case, his sternum). I don't think they feel that this is the case but are simply ruling it out to cover all their bases. I sure hope he doesn't have a bone infection because the treatment is 6 weeks of in hospital antibiotics. Yikes! Don't panic, although the lump is still there he hasn't had anymore fevers and seems to be feeling better. I think that it is just a soft tissue infection.

Speaking of his infection, they got the culture and sensitivity back yesterday and it turns out that the only thing that they changed was that they discontinued the Zosyn. The staph he has is only resistant to Vancomycin (the other one that he was already on) and one other antibiotic (I forgot the name). I was told that they always use the Vancomycin first and do the other one only if the Vanco doesn't work. I was hoping that he could get off of the Vanco because it can be toxic to the kidneys, but they've checked his blood levels and so hopefully his kidney's won't take too hard of a hit. Anyway, I believe that today is day #5 of his current 14 day antibiotic therapy. We're only a couple of days away from being half way there. Not too bad.

I will update again after his Echo and with any more information. Please continue to keep Ethan in your prayers. Although he is improving he could still use them. Thanks!



Staci said...

I watched Ethan's 1st year movie, it is beautiful. He is beautiful. I hope that he will be discharged tommorrow. Good luck, I'll keep him in my prayers.

Staci (angel Bridger's mom)

Kaidence's Mommy said...

I hope that tomorrow is your magic day go come H---. I never say the real word, It'll jinx you. I am glad he is feeling better. Dont stress too much about the Vanco. Kaidence has been on that IV antibiotic A LOT and on mulitple occasions with IV at home. I am sure his kidneys will stay strong. Go and celebrate your last night there with a Dove Ice Cream bar from the freeze downstairs at the Rainbow. Take care andwhen everyone is feeling better, lets get together.

buddens said...

Who doesn't need prayers for a marathon?! Hopefully you're holding up too and aren't bored to tears yet.

One Happy Heart Family said...

Praying for a great echo!!! I hope it's not a bone infection. Hopefully you will be home soon. Thinking about you guys.