Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ethan now has his PICC line in. I was told by Dr. Kaza that his WBC's are normalized but his CRP is still elevated (although coming down). His chest x-ray is looking better and they will start working on getting his IV diuretics oral again. He will still get an Echo on Monday and will need a dietary consult before we can go home. Ethan was skinny before, but after losing a few pounds, he just looks like a stick with a swollen belly.

I also think that he had a small bowel obstruction. He's been having diarrhea for the last two days. Before each bowel movement he would just cry out in pain and say that his "bum hurt". We didn't know why since he doesn't have any skin breakdown and he'd say it before his bowel movement. Well, not to be too gross, but this morning he "gave birth" to a very hard and very large (just a bit bigger than a large egg) bowel movement. Since then, he appears to be much more comfortable.

After talking with his doctor, he is thinking that we may be able to be discharged with home health care mid week. Between now and then, I am hoping that it snows again. Ethan loved watching the snow fall from his window. I also took him for a wagon ride yesterday and we went outside so that the snowflakes could fall on his face. He had the biggest smiles and absolutely loved it.

Well, we hope that Ethan's Echo looks good tomorrow and that we will be coming home soon. I'll post more as I hear more.



~Rachel said...

Thanks for the update Allison.
I love hearing that Ethan was able to go outside and feel the snow. After being in the hospital the smallest things that we take for granted are suddenly so big! Hope he continues to get better and can go home soon. I love each of you and you all remain in our prayers!

Fowers Family said...

getting better every day! He is looking better with each of your pictures. I love the picture of you and Ethan, you look so pretty (Katie says so too)! We love and miss you. Jody

Ty and Ber said...

It is a amazing the little things that can brighten someones day. I will pray for more snow!!

Seriously, how did you manage to get a PICC line place on the weekend?

Hopefully Ethans bowels will keep things moving and he won't get obstructed again. How miserable.

The Gatherum Family said...

it seriously breaks my heart to hear all that this little boy is having to endure. the picture of him watching the snow just broke my heart. i'll start praying for snow mid week right now-i will have you know that I HATE THE SNOW!!! but hope it comes down hard for ethan. geez. here's to hoping and praying that all this mess is getting worked out and he can start his recovery for real this time without any more road blocks. as always, please let me know if i can do anything. i REALLY think a dinner/night out is in order when he gets home. i'll call you on monday or tuesday to check in. love, adrian

The Hood's said...

Sweet little guy! He is such a trooper... and you guys too! Keeping fingers crossed for the trip home soon, and lots of snow!

carolyn q said...

Glad to read that he finally got some relief. I too experience a similar situation after having Hope and backed up the U's system. Yes, it was WORSE than giving birth.
I am hoping that you can go home today.