Friday, November 27, 2009

No Go

Ughhhhhh. Two more weeks of IV antibiotics.

I am not sure what the exact numbers were from Ethan's labs this morning (because I've only heard from the pharmacist, not the nurse yet), but the pharmacist said that he had been notified that Ethan's labs were not down enough to discontinue the PICC line and that they wanted to do another course of antibiotics for 2 weeks. He will still be on the vancomycin every 8 hours which means 2 more weeks of up twice in the middle of the night for medications and line flushes. I was really looking forward to a solid night's sleep tonight! Oh well. There are worse things out there.

Even though this is disappointing, I have to be grateful that there IS a treatment and that we are all together as a family.

In other news, Gavin stayed home from Thanksgiving yesterday with Tim and Ethan because of a fever of 102. He had no other symptoms and so I wasn't too worried. Today, however, he just doesn't look very good and his breathing sounds really tight and raspy. So, in light of this new development, I will be taking him into the doctor's today. I am hoping that it is not H1N1 because Ethan just barely got his vaccination 2 days ago and it would not be protecting him at this point. Hopefully we can get Gavin healthy soon and keep the bug from spreading around. The last thing Ethan needs is a nasty cough or lung issues so soon after surgery.

I'll post as soon as we know what is going on with Gavin. Keep us in your prayers for something mild.

** Update**

Tim took Gavin to the doctor and he has been diagnosed with pneumonia. They didn't do a H1N1 test (which I wish they did, just in case), but they didn't feel that he had the right symptoms. After they did a chest x-ray they felt that pneumonia was the culprit of his difficult breathing and fevers. I am surprised on how fast it came on. They've put him on a 10 day course of oral antibiotics (Omnicef) which will hopefully start helping soon. I will keep a close eye on him because his breathing seems to be getting a little worse as the night progresses. I hope this isn't contagious!



Mike and Rebecca said...

I hope things get better soon, we've been thinking of Ethan and your family. Prayers still coming your way!


cici said...

Oh Allison I am so sorry you never get a break :( As my Mother always said,"It's always something!" She had 6 children.
I am praying that your boys all get healthy real quick and you stay healthy too in this joyous season of coodies ;(

Kyle and Alli said...

Oh yuck!! Sounds like everyone at your house needs some serious antibiotics just to be safe! I hope that both your boys are on the mend soon so you can get some much needed ZZZZZ's!