Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Daily Grind

So now that the vacation is over, I've really been trying to get the house in order so that I can get some spring cleaning done. Spencer and Emily started back in school today which should help. As most mothers know, it's hard to get anything done when the messes keep following you.

I am hoping I can get it in pretty good shape by Thursday, so I can take that day off and enjoy it. Believe it or not Ethan will be turning 1 that day! We have been so blessed this year that it is hard to express in words. Because of this, I've made (another) montage. I know you are probably getting sick of them by now, but you can't do it for just 1 child without doing it for the others. This one however is different. It will tell the story of his first year and is longer than the other ones (about 10 minutes). We've had a big year and it was hard to compact it into just a few minutes. So with that being said, watch for it on Thursday.

We celebrated Tim's, Emily's, and Ethan's birthday's (along with a couple of others) on Sunday with my extended family. We had a BBQ and a nice evening of cake, presents, and visiting. I am sure we will do something special on Thursday to recognize Ethan and his journey. I am not sure at this point what we will do but we definitely need to celebrate. First birthday's are always fun and important, but due to the circumstances, this one just seems extra special. Anyway, enough stalling, I need to get back to getting the house clean. I hope today finds all of you well.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Texas Pics

This is at the stockyards when they are taking the bulls out for a stroll. This is one of the things we liked to do when we lived in Texas. The bulls are fun to see but there are also some tourist shops that we were able to get some fun souvenirs in.

Spencer and Gavin are having a fun time "shooting" the bulls with their play guns that they bought at one of the tourist shops. Gavin was really getting into it.

We went to Matt's house (Tim's brother) for a day of visiting, water games, and of course a great BBQ. It was fun to sit outside in the warm sun and let the kids run around in the country. Gavin got bit by some fire ants but it didn't seem to slow him down for very long. Ethan loved sitting in this swing.

While in Texas we stayed at Tim's parent's house. I was on the computer when Gavin found these glasses on the desk. I am pretty sure they belong to Larry. I think Gavin thought he looked pretty cool.

The night before we left, we had a birthday party for Emily. Tim's family were very generous throughout our entire vacation as well as at Emily's party. She got some fun gifts. Again, it was nice to spend time with all of Tim's family.

There were so many other fun things that we did while we were in Texas that I didn't take my camera to. We spent a fun night at my friend Donna's house with her family and another friend of mine, Stephanie. I worked so much the year that we lived in Texas, the only friends that I made were people that I had worked with. I have to say, these 2 women are AMAZING nurses and I have the utmost respect and admiration for them. To this day, I try and remember their example to me as leaders. It was so nice to visit and reminisce. There are just some people you never forget.

I don't know why I didn't bring my camera here but we went to the Fort Worth zoo which was SO fun. Emily loves white tigers and was really excited to go see the one they had. Gavin had never been to a zoo before and I don't think he understood that there were REAL animals there. The look on his face when he saw the animals for the first time was priceless. It was a look of awe and excitement. It just so happened to be the monkey exhibit and they were entertaining to watch. Also at the zoo was a bird exhibit where the kids could feed the birds. The birds would fly all around them and then sit on the food sticks they were carrying to eat the birdseed stuck with peanut butter. All of the kids had fun doing this. Although, I have to admit it was fun watching Gavin chase the birds trying to get them to land on his food stick. He was laughing and laughing and obviously had a great time.

Tim and I, Spencer and Emily, and Ashley and Katie (cousins) went to Six Flags. Tim's sister Rachel was kind enough to watch Gavin and Ethan the entire day for us. Again, I wish I had taken my camera but I thought it would be a pain to carry around. Emily's first amusement ride EVER was the Titan. It was 25.5 stories high and went 85mph. She got off and was on an adrenaline high! She was jumping and throwing her arms in the air with shouts of approval and glee. She is such a dare devil. She was crying when there were a couple of rides she couldn't go on because she was too small. In fact, we left the park to go to lunch at Poncho's (an all you can eat Mexican restaurant). On the way back to Six Flags, Emily states she doesn't feel well. Can you see where this is going? We were looking for parking when she began hurling in her lap. She began crying, not because she didn't feel good but because she didn't want this to keep her from going back to the rides. Tim and Emily went home to get cleaned up and then met back up with us later that evening. Spencer on the other hand has announced that he is not a "thrill seeker" and so he preferred the smaller rides. I kept up with the kids pretty well, but I have to admit, toward the end, I began to get motion sickness on the bigger rides and would stay back with Spencer. All in all, it was and amazingly fun day.

We had a great time and the kids all want to go back soon. We have decided that we can commit to going at least every other year to visit. Gavin asked Tim just this morning if we could go back to Texas for "a sleepover". I wish it was closer. We can't wait to go back.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!

Today is Emily's 7th birthday. It seems so crazy to me how much she has grown. She is an amazing girl. She has such a spunky and fun personality. She is not afraid of anything and knows what she wants. She is very sweet and tries to please us. She is great with Ethan and I know she will be a fantastic mommy one day. I am so blessed to have her as my only daughter. We love you Miss Em!


Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Fib

So I have to admit, I made a little fib. When I mentioned (a couple of posts ago) that Tim's airline arrangements had been messed up, it applied to our whole family. I didn't want to post that our whole family was going to be out of town for 9 days (and that there would be a nice empty house to target). So with that being said, we just flew back into Salt Lake this afternoon after spending some much needed time off in Texas.

First of all I have to say we all had a great time. We played at parks, went to the zoo and six flags, went to the Rangers game, visited the stockyards, had BBQ's, celebrated Emily's birthday (which is this Wednesday), and spent a lot of time just visiting with family and friends. The weather was great (with the exception of 1 night of severe storms and Tornado sirens wailing which just added to our adventure). The weather was in the 70's and 80's the whole time and we all got our share of the sunshine. We had a wonderful time.

I can't say that getting to Texas was as much fun. When we were leaving SLC, we had put the 2 older kids in charge of a couple of bags, only to find out while waiting in line to check in that the bags were left in the car. We called my mom to bring back the bags and Tim left the kids and I to go and meet her. I kept on going just to keep things moving along. It took a long time to get through security because they placed the kids and I in a glass box with a security guard while they went through all of our carry on bags. The kids and I finally made it to our boarding gate with literally 1 minute to spare. However, because we were the last ones there, we didn't have any seats on the plane because they had over booked the flight. I seriously about started to cry. Luckily, they were able to get enough people to volunteer to stay behind that we were FINALLY able to get on the plane. It was only after we had our tickets in hand that Tim was able to meet back up with us with the carry on baggage that had been left behind and missed all of the drama. Once we got on the plane, our flight was great. The kids did really well and Ethan slept most of the flight. It's nice to say that our flight home was smooth and there was not much drama.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who support us and keep up on our day to day happenings. I will post pictures when I am done unpacking.


Friday, April 11, 2008

No More Meal Tickets

I've been weaning Ethan from breastfeeding for the last few weeks now. And I have to admit that I've been really looking forward to finally having my body back. I NEVER lose weight while I breastfeed and I try to not take any medications. This has been especially important with Ethan because I didn't want to have any medication interactions between the meds he is already on and any that may pass through my breast milk. Recently, He hasn't been happy about my decreased milk supply which is part of the reason why he has been so fussy at night. However, He was sick a week or so ago which was kind of the clincher as to the decline of my milk supply and the end of our breastfeeding days.

So, anyway, I just got Ethan down for a nap and I think this is the last time I will ever breastfeed him again. You might think this is great news but, surprisingly, I am sitting here in tears. I know, I know, you all think that I am crazy. I've always felt a little sentimental with my other kids when I was done nursing. But there has always been an equal amount of excitement to balance it out. However, with Ethan, you have to understand that not only do we plan on him being our last child (which it's always a little bit harder when you think it's your last), but, when he was born this was literally the ONLY thing that I could do for him. It was so hard when I couldn't hold my baby, I wasn't sure if he knew who I was, he didn't yet know my smell or voice, and I didn't feel I could comfort him in any way. I couldn't even do the small things for him like change his diaper.

I had been told by some of the doctors not to be surprised if my milk never came in due to the stress of our situation. I remember becoming very determined to do this ONE thing that nobody else could do for my baby. I religiously pumped every 3 hours and I would even set the alarm to pump in the middle of the night. I really worked hard to make it happen. It was only after much persistence that his doctors even let me try and breastfeed just a few days before he was discharged from the hospital. Usually heart babies can't breastfeed because they tire too quickly and don't get the nutrition they need. However, I think Ethan and I made a great team. He is (to date) the only HLHS baby to ever be discharged (post Norwood surgery)without a feeding tube.

I promise, I am not one of those le letche--shove it down your throat kind of women. I only breastfed my 1st 2 children for 4 months, and although I did breastfeed Gavin until a year old, it was mainly because HE liked it so much (and it did save us some money). Now, I obviously agree that breastfeeding is what is best for the baby but I completely think it is the mother's choice in what she feels is best for her and her baby. But with that being said, this was VERY important to me to give him the best nutrition possible under his circumstances and to help keep him from getting sick through the winter months and his 2nd surgery.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to feel like I did something that mattered to him. I will miss feeling like he needs me.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday, April 10th

So today started out with a bang. Last night we found out that Tim's flight on American Airlines was cancelled and we were up until 2am trying to figure out his options. (We finally were able to get a flight with Delta the next day.) When we were finally able to get to bed, Ethan woke up. He was very restless, he was crying, and of course he was tossing and turning in our bed for the next few hours trying to get comfortable. I finally took him into the living room around 5 am so Tim could sleep since he had to work in the morning. Ethan was up for about 45 minutes before he and I finally fell asleep on the couch. I then had to wake up 2 hours later to take Emily to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. Which, by the way, she did really well with.

Those who know me know I LOVE my sleep. How long do you think I can keep running on 3, maybe 4 hours of choppy sleep? Now don't misunderstand me, It's not that I can't do it (I've done it many times before) but who wants to? So, the day has just begun and I am already exhausted. I still have to get our laundry started, (which there is a mountain of), go to a 2 hour staff meeting, figure out a way to get Emily to her soccer game while I am gone, and do a service project for Scouts tonight. Also, Lost is on tonight, so I have to make sure there is time for that, Yeah! (I hope it's not another re-run). I am hoping that in between all of this I can maybe catch a nap. Do you think the laundry could wait until tomorrow? Anyway, it's not going to be a bad day (I promise I KNOW what a bad day really is), it will just be a busy day where I simply go through the motions and hope things run smoothly. Wish me luck!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday, April 6th

I just wanted to let you know of a sweet little baby who has captured our interest and hearts. Her name is Gracie and she is just over 2 weeks old. She has HLHS just like Ethan but has ran into some major setbacks. She has an amazing family who have kept their faith and have had to make some difficult decisions. Gracie is currently defying all the odds. Although she is not out of the woods by any means, she is currently stable which is a miracle in and of itself. Gracie and her family could use as many prayers in their behalf as they can get. You can read their story through the link titled "Gracie" under our "heart friends".


Friday, April 4, 2008

Old Look Again

OK, so as you can see I've reverted back to my original blog look. I still haven't found anyone who can show me how to change my background to a cute one and still keep the sidebar pictures and widgets. Oh well, I guess it really doesn't matter much anyway.

So as far as the home front goes, we are are still just trying to get over the colds that we've all had for the last week. Up until last night, Tim has been superman and hasn't been sick. But it seems that it may have caught up with him and he is now starting to feel a little yucky. I hope we can all get over this soon.

On a funner note, we finally finished our bonus room this week. We got carpet on Tuesday and the kids just love running around in a big open room. It has been really nice because they are off track and get bored easily. It's still too cold to go outside and play, so this is a welcomed new play area for them.

Well, this is my weekend to work, so my entire goal today is to try and get a nap in. It's been a bad week for sleep. With the exception of last night (I got to bed around 11pm), I haven't been asleep before 1am and once it was 2am and one night it was even 3am. The reasons for no sleep are all different but it has usually been because either I was sick or Ethan was sick. It's hard to sleep when you are stuffed up and can't breathe (or coughing, or a sore throat, you get the picture).

I hope that this weekend will be a fun one for you all. Take care.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim!

So today is Tim's big 35! (of course I have to point out that he is now halfway to 70, ........ yikes!)

For all of you who know Tim, I don't have to go into great detail about how amazing he is and how well he treats (and spoils) me. He has a sharp mind and a kind heart. He is thoughtful, hard working, funny, balanced, sensitive, patient, and grounded. He is truly one of a kind and I could never have dreamed of having a better husband to share my life with. Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

I love you!!