Friday, November 6, 2009

Night #3 Update

So the morning sun is beginning to shine through Ethan's window and not much has changed since last night. He is still in a lot of pain but is refusing his Lortab. They've hesitantly been giving him Morphine since they don't want to slow down his bowels any more than they already are. They tried giving him an Enema last night which produced some small results but overall didn't help a whole lot. His belly is still very distended and firm. The good news is that his chest x-ray looked good today, so they will remove his chest tubes and hopefully get him walking today which should help with his belly issues. Please keep our little guy in your prayers. He could sure use them.



buddens said...

Poor guy, that is no fun! I wonder at this point which pain is hurting worse? We'll keep him in our prayers of course!

The Gatherum Family said...

hey, i have been mia this week and i am so sorry. it's been crazy busy but i am just getting caught up on all of the updates. i can bring up a balloon to the hospital if you need me to. will you let me know? also i posted on fb that i can take one or all three of the other kids tonight, they can play here tomorrow and we can bring them home tomorrow afternoon b/c we are going to the U game. let me know. it must be so horrible to watch your baby in pain and not be able to help him. and i think the worst thing is that he doesn't understand. we are thinking of you and praying for all of you. gage and boe have remembered ethan every night this week in their prayers. talk to you soon.

Nicolle said...

Many many prayers are being said for your sweet boy. It is an amazing step to have this Fontan behind you. I will pray for continued progress in these coming days, for strength from Heaven to help you stand by his side, and for the Grace of God to watch over your sweet family. Love and support from a stranger who has in many ways walked your same path! Love and prayers, Nicolle Lamb

carolyn q said...

Hopefully getting those chest tubes removed so he can move around will help get things moving in other parts too. Poor little guy! I feel for him because I too have issues after surgery with getting that part of me moving again. Very uncomfortable situation and it just makes the pain worse.
Praying that today will be the day he can get some much needed releif.

dg darling said...

poor little guy...I'll keep praying!

Alison (Abby's Mom) said...

I just now realized that you guys are on the other side of the Fontan! I am so thankful the surgery went well and hoping his recovery gets easier soon. We'll be praying for him!

-Alison (Abby's mom)