Sunday, November 8, 2009

Post Op Day #6

This is Ethan rebelling against his Oxygen. He is also constantly pulling off his sat monitor and knows that he is being naughty when he does it. As frustrating as it is, it's nice to see a little fight come back into his eyes.

I don't know what specifically was upsetting him here, but this was not an uncommon face today.

The whole day wasn't grumpy. He did have fun playing with his new cars and eating his fish crackers.

He wasn't happy about walking or going to the playroom today. I think that his pajamas pretty much sum up what Ethan is feeling at this point of his recovery.

As you can see from the pictures, today has been a day of ups and downs (but mostly downs). I don't think that he is in a lot of pain, however, I do think that he is obviously uncomfortable and has just about had enough of the hospital. He fusses and covers his mouth when anyone walks into his room. He is just in a bad mood! He is also still fighting all of his medicine (which is all oral now). In fact, as I type this, he is sleeping in the bed next to me and talking in his sleep saying "I don't want it medicine, NEVER!", "I don't like it, EVER!". Poor guy. He can't even escape in his dreams.
As far as I know, the plan is that we will be discharged tomorrow. They were actually thinking about sending him home today, but he was still on some IV meds and we decided that it would be better to spend one day here on complete oral meds before going home. He is honestly such a trooper. The last couple of days he has only been on Tylenol and Motrin (or Toradol).
I am excited to get home and get into somewhat of a normal routine again. Although I know that Ethan's recovery won't be complete for a while and will take up a lot of my time since he likes to have someone right there with him literally holding his hand. I now wish I had the house clean prior to his surgery because it has really gotten out of hand since we've been here. Oh well, we'll get to it in time.
So, I hope we get a good night's sleep tonight because it seems like we will have a big day tomorrow. I'll post when we get home.


Jenny Lincoln said...

I've been reading your blog watching for updates on your son and I had to laugh at the first picture today. I absolutely love that little tough guy face he is making with one arm slung behind his head. Gotta love (and admire) how tough (and strongwilled) these kids are! Hope Ethan continues to feel better everyday and I'm happy to hear the little guy gets to go home!!

Ty and Ber said...

I'm sorry to here he had a down day. He still looks so cue even when he is mad. Good luck at home. Maybe he will do better in his normal environment.

buddens said...

I know it should be sad, but the part about him refusing his meds in his sleep made me smile! Especially in the broken English of toddlers. What a little monkey.

Fowers Family said...

Home it is (I hope). I know that house cleaning seems to make everything better, but even for just a few days, it can wait. I would offer to come and help but mine is just as bad and guess what I don't have as good as excuses as you do! I love and miss you and I am so glad the hardest part is behind you. His color looks good! Hopefully I can see you soon. Love, Jody

Quinn and/or Lauralee said...

I'm so happy that he gets to come home today. I've spoken with the Relief Society Presidency and we will be bringing some meals in this week starting with today. Talk with you soon about it. - Lauralee

The Simmons Family said...

What a little trooper!!! I am amazed at how quickly he is healing!!

The Hood's said...

I'm sure he will feel better at home. Best of luck on the transition! I would love to bring a meal, clean your house, grocery shop for you.... just let me know, seriously!

The Gatherum Family said...

so even though he is grumpy----he looks SOOO good----i am so happy that everything went well and that it was a success. we would love to come visit ethan once he gets settled at home. talk to you soon.