Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ethan and I had a rough night's sleep last night. He was having bad dreams about the hospital and talking in his sleep about it. He was very restless and wanted me to constantly hold his arm where his PICC line is. It seemed we were up at least every hour if not more for various meds and vital signs and just to comfort Ethan.

Our morning officially started at 5 am with lab draws (but he didn't have to get poked this time because he now has his PICC line that they can draw blood off of) and then a chest x-ray at 6 am.

After talking with the doctors when they made rounds, Ethan's CRP level is still dropping which is very good. They also got the culture and sensitivity tests back this morning, so now they can switch his antibiotics to be more specific to his infection. His chest x-ray looked good and he will go for a sedated Echo tomorrow morning (not today as originally thought).

The plan, assuming that everything still looks good, is to be discharged on Wednesday. We will still be doing IV medications through his PICC line at home for a couple of weeks. But hey, at least we will be home.



Ty and Ber said...

BOO for bad nights. Hopefully your day will be better. I'm sure Ethan loves that he doesn't have to be poked for labs now. That is good that his CRP levels are going down. Here's lookin to Wednesday so you guys can go home.

Traci Bulkley said...

I'm glad they've nailed down the infection. Once he's got those good antibiotics going in, I'm sure he'll start feeling better. Maddox came home the 2nd time with a pic line and antibiotics every 6 hours. It sounded like a lot, but wasn't too bad.Hope you get to go home on Wed!!

cici said...

Poor guy. Sometimes I wonder how people get better in the Hospital when they keep waking you all night :(
So glad everything is going in the right direction and hopefully he will feel much better after a few days on his new antibiotic.
{{big healing hugs}}

Quinn and/or Lauralee said...

I'm sorry about the horrible night. I'm glad that you will hopefully be able to be home on Wednesday. Would you like a meal to be brought in that night or should we say Thursday to be safe. Let me know so we can get you taken care of. - Lauralee

The Hood's said...

So glad for good news! Lots of prayers still coming your way!

carolyn q said...

He is sure lucky to have such a wonderful mom that's nurse. Hope came home with a pic line and received meds through it and it wasn't to bad, even something I could handle.
I am sorry he is having such a hard time hopefully it will get better now that they don't have to poke him so much.
Sending my prayers and love.