Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I am here at Primary's. We got here at 1:00pm to the Same Day Surgery. We signed in and then they went over all of the risks of the procedures and had consents signed, started his IV, checked his weight (15 lbs 1 oz), checked his vitals, and stuff like that. We then went to the pre-op section where we waited for them to come and get us. Ethan was starting to get fussy since he hadn't eaten since 8:30 this morning. He couldn't have breast milk after that time but could have apple juice, water or pedialyte up until 11:30. But because Ethan has his own ideas, he wouldn't take any of them with the bottle. They gave him some oral medication to make him sleepy and took us back into the cath lab around 3:30pm. They did give me a pager so I could walk around the hospital and not be stuck in a waiting room. Tim will hopefully come to keep me company soon. We were told the heart cath would take about 3 hours and then they would keep him at least another 6 hours in recovery. This puts us being sent home around midnight or later and the MD said he may just keep us over night. I guess we'll see when they talk to us again. Well, as always we appreciate all of the interest and prayers that we have been blessed with. I will update more later.


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