Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 2

So far today things have been going well. Ethan's temp is down but still fluctuating between high normal and a low grade temp. He is still on the tylenol and antibiotics. He was having a difficult time this morning. He was very aggitated and upset and the medications they were giving him just didn't seem to help. I started playing the CD's that I'd bought for him and have been playing the last couple of weeks. They actually really seemed to help.

They've also been trying to get him off the ventilator for a while now but he's been too sedated. So, they stopped his fentanyl drip to help him wake up. They also pulled his subclavion line. He actually became much calmer when the fentanyl was off and opened his eyes for a few minutes while I talked to him. But the good new is that it did the trick and they were able to extebate him around 2:00. He did so good. His eyes were open and he was very calm. After they took it out I went next to his crib and he just started at me for about 2 minutes. He was also reaching up to try and touch my face. It was so sweet. I know that this is just one moment of one day, but it was so nice to see him recognize me and feel like he was comforted by me being there. He has been sleeping since. Well, I will continue to keep everyone posted. I apologize for all of the small little details, but they are big milestones for me. Thank you all.


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Jenn said...

Oh, it just hurts your heart to see him like this, and when I think of all you are going through. I am so glad to hear things are starting to get better. And Al the small details ARE milestones, and they give us all comfort and hope. Ethan we love you!!!

Dee Family - Jenn