Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Restless Night

Well, the previous entry when I stated that I was getting enough sleep and was well rested? That just went out the window last night. I am not sure what Ethan's problem was but he had a big screaming fit in the evening and had a hard time going to sleep. Normally I just put him in his bed with his binkie and blanket and he just goes to sleep. But last night he kept fussing and fussing until I layed him down next to me. And then all through the night he was very restless and got up at least 7-8 times. The sad part is that he finally looks like he's sleeping soundly and I have to wake him up to give him his meds. My mom is picking up Gavin today to play at her house and so if I can get my laundry done early, I may be able to take a nap later on today. Yeah!

Gavin had a hard time yesterday. When the baby was sleeping he would intentionally yell and make these loud barking noises. He would jump on the bed around the baby. And then he would just laugh when I told him to be quiet and stop jumping. Jenn called in the early afternoon and came and picked him up which was such a blessing. There are days when it's not too bad to have both Ethan and Gavin, but when Gavin is in one of his moods, it is so hard to have a shred of sanity at the end of the day.

It sounds like the baby just woke up, so I will hurry and give him his meds while he is awake.


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Anonymous said...

From Eileen
I have a couple of meals for you and your family. I asked your mom to tell you about it. Just tell her when you need them and she can get the message to me- I am assuming your ward/neighborhood is helping right now. I will bring them out as soon as I am informed. Hope tonight is a more restful night for both of you. Life really does look better with more sleep.