Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sanity? What Sanity!

Oh my gosh! Gavin is going to drive me CRAZY! I love that child to death but man he is in to everything. Just imagine two brand new packages of size 2 and 5 diapers. Now imagine them strewn all around my bedroom. Sound bad? Well, add a brand new box of cheese nips poured out in the middle of the room and crushed into various size pieces and now your getting a better picture of what my day has been like.

You may be wondering where I was during all of this? Well, I was trying to clean the kitchen that had been mostly clean but now has half soggy cereal and spilled milk on the counters, chairs, and floors from this mornings breakfast. Not to mention the "attempt" to clean it up by one of the kids by just setting a dish towel on a portion of the spill, which of course has dried, and the towel is now stuck to the floor. And no, I did not supervise breakfast because I was absolutely tired from another bad night with Ethan. If this was not my house and my children, I am sure I would find it more comical.

I feel like I have taken two steps backwards. Ethan the last couple of days and nights has been sooo fussy. I feel bad for the poor baby. I try everything and I can't console him. So because of this, I can't seem to get anything done. For example, it is 1 in the afternoon, and I still have not showered. Gavin is finally interested in a tv show which is how I have a minute to decompress by writing in this blog. I know every mother feels like this at times so I can't feel sorry for myself. The ward is bringing in dinner tonight which I can't thank them enough for. Even though it has been a bad day, I still have been blessed with great support and tomorrow is another day.

I know Tim has talked about having some 1 on 1 time with Gavin. I think he is just acting out because of the situation we're in. I hope it starts to improve. And if not, I hope he just takes a nap! :)


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Jenn said...

I think the crazy thing about just getting sent home from the PICU is that just the previous day, you had round the clock help for your sweet little guy that needs the extra care and comfort. And all of the sudden you get to do it all by yourself, no shift change when youre tired at 7, and all the rest of life's tasks while your at it. I'm sure you are doing a great job and I hope it all gets easier so you can catch a little break once in a while. It sounds like Gavin and my little Emily could use a playdate to wear eachother out for us!