Sunday, September 16, 2007

Home Recovery

Ethan is doing well at home. We've had no major problems, but Ethan is a 24 hour a day job. He is definitely in pain and we have to be very conscious of keeping up on his motrin and lortab. I feel like I am a human clock. I am constantly thinking of what time it is and when the next medications are due. I hate medication time. Ethan struggles, and screams, and spits, and this morning he even threw up all over himself and my bed. We then had to start all over. He doesn't trust us when we put anything in his mouth. He's not even crazy about his binkie anymore.

When his pain is under control, he does pretty good. He is still very needy and doesn't like to be alone. It is so hard to know what he needs. Tim always assumes Ethan is hungry when he starts to fuss because that used to be the only time he would get grumpy. But I try to feed him and there are many times that he wants nothing of it. Even if his pain is controlled, I just think he is uncomfortable and doesn't know what he wants. It makes getting anything done pretty hard. I just have to wait until he drifts off to sleep to try and take care of the house and the other kids. It may not sound like I do much, but I tell you, by the end of the day, I am exhausted. I will continue to write in these blogs as frequent as I can, but it seems that there are not many exciting things happening.

Gavin is home from spending the last couple of days with various family members. He was excited to see Ethan for the first time yesterday but he does not like his "owie". When I was changing Ethan's clothes, Gavin kept repeating "Don't see owie, don't see owie". He's been very sweet with Ethan but he still has a hard time being quiet around him. Gavin can be very loud and it stresses Ethan out. Spencer and Emily are still doing really well. Spencer made a great tackle in football yesterday and his team won. They've only played 3 games but are currently undefeated. Emily has been really helpful lately and is really enjoying her soccer. It's crazy how life just keeps moving on. We'll just keep doing our best to keep up.

Thanks to all of you.


melanie said...

I think everyone who reads this who is a mom knows that what you're describing definitely sounds like you are doing a lot! Mommy tasks don't sound very taxing on paper, but we all know they really are. Throw a little open heart surgery on a baby in the mix, and we're all singing your praises! I'm sure you're doing an amazing job. It's good to hear that all your kids are handling it well.

Jenn said...

Hi, When Dee told me you brought Ethan home I thought that I heard him wrong. That is so amazing!! I am so glad he is acting more himself, and I am so sorry for the painful times. Everything I hear fills my heart! Both the good and all the hard!!

Tim and Al, I just have to tell you, that I think you are wonderful parents!! Raising four kids is hard enough without the complications. I admire and respect so much how you are holding everything together - both physically and spiritualy. You are an amazing example, and we love you all so much!!

Please let us know if you need anything at all!!

Love Dee and Jenn

Anonymous said...

You say in one of your blogs that you are baffled how amazing Ethan is recovering. I know why! He has you. You are amazing and I envy you in every way. Keep up the good "mommy" work. I was planning on coming down to the hosptial this week, but the good news is going to keep me away for a few weeks. You need healing time with ethan, but you remain in my prayers ALWAYS, and I think if you often. My tears are happy this day! congratulations, Jody

The Gatherum Family said...

hey allison, time and kids,
i am so glad for all of you that Ethan is home...I know that there is a long road ahead. Please let us know what we can do-ANYTHING-at all. We really admire your strength and courage. Love, Neal and Adrian