Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fussy Night

Things have been pretty mellow these last couple of days. I guess sometimes no news is good news. Last night however Ethan had a HUGE screaming fit. I couldn't console him and I was beginning to get concerned. If this had been a couple of weeks ago it wouldn't have bothered me as much but he's been his normal self lately. I don't know what was wrong. He'd been a little more fussy than usual yesterday but just very agitated and intense all throughout the night. He is still sleeping. I hope he is feeling better when he wakes up.

On a funner note, Ian got his heart yesterday. I have not heard how things have gone but I am sure that Justin and Jenn are so relieved that the waiting game is over and they can move on to a different phase of recovery. I took a small gift of music and books up to them on Monday night for Ian but they were off the unit and I left it at the desk. I am hoping that they got it because I know that sometimes the room and machines can be so loud and it seemed like when Ethan was there he was comforted by the soft music. He was very sensitive to beeping and noises that would startle him. I think that the music provided a constant sound for him to focus on.

Right now life seems boring but like I said boring means nothing too major is going on. Tim is just trying to find time to put in the sprinkling system and I start back to work this Saturday. The kids just keep plugging along in school and Gavin is just Gavin. Well, I guess I've stalled long enough. I should try to get the house picked up.


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Anonymous said...

Good news for Ian, I am glad all is well for you. Hope you are able to take time for yourself in the next few days. Love and miss you, Jody