Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Plugging Along

It's been a few days since I've posted last. Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions about feeding Ethan. I think his pediatrician appointment is next week. I will let you know what the MD thinks. Until then, I am not going to worry about it.

Again, not much is happening. I started back to work Saturday night. My shifts are from 5pm-5am. It's not really that bad but I sure had to muster up some energy to get excited about going. It really helped when I found out that my good friend Carie would be working that night. It is always better when you work with people that you enjoy. The shift itself was good but man, working those 12 hour graveyards sure kick my butt after I've been off for a while.

Since his second surgery, Ethan is really filling out. He has never had a problem with his weight but I weighed him at my parents house on Sunday (only 10 days since his Cardio follow up), he's gained about a 1lb and a half. His face is noticeably rounder and he is definitely heavier.

Tim and Ethan did good while I was at work. Ethan still struggles with the bottle but managed to get enough to stay satisfied until I came home. Gavin was a terror yesterday but has been fairly mellow today. Spencer brought home a non-impressive report card yesterday. So today I am meeting with both his teacher and Emily's teacher before they go off track next week.

I am going to have to figure out some fun things that we can do while they are out of school for 3 weeks. It is hard because our cardiologist has told us now that it is getting colder that we need to start keeping Ethan away from others to prevent him from getting sick. Any suggestions? In the summer time it is not too bad but when it is cold and muddy outside, the kids get really stir crazy when they are stuck with me in the house. I talked with Tim about getting our bonus room above the garage finished as soon as possible (after he finishes or the weather stops him working on the yard). It would be a nice big room where the kids could run and play and I could maybe start exercising. I don't think I convinced him that this is a priority. He has so much on his plate and when I work weekends he can't get much done because he is watching the kids. I wish we had enough money to just pay someone to do it but I guess we will have to just keep plugging along.

Anyway, all of the things that I wish for and think are important are just secondary when it comes right down to it. I am so grateful for our health and ability to be together as a family. I have to constantly try and keep everything in perspective because I know first hand how unimportant everything else becomes when you are fighting for a loved one. I fear that if I forgot this lesson, it wouldn't take much to make me remember. I try and take the good days for what they are, but you are always aware that that next hospital stay could be right around the next corner.

For what it's worth, enjoy your families and loved ones while you are with them. Not one of us have any guarantees.



The Gatherum Family said...

good and timely advice for everyone Allison-glad to hear things are going as well as possible. See ya Sunday! Adrian

The Gatherum Family said...

hey by the way, i finally figured out how to add links on my site, so i hope it's okay i added you guys. Let me know? Adrian

buddens said...

I think a Nintendo Wii would be an awesome way to have fun indoors. Yes, it's a video game, but at list your kids don't just sit in front of it. And if funds are tight, it's obviously not free, but maybe something good for Christmas? (I think the reality is that I really want one, so I obviously think it sounds like a great idea!) I'll try to keep thinking of more ideas.

The Gatherum Family said...

sorry to tag you! but come on, those lists are fun for others to read! anyways, hope things are well. is gavin still driving you crazy? wanna trade me for boe-seriously, i am gonna KILL him!!! Adrian

Mike said...

Have they ever mentioned anything about having him start the "Synagis shots"? It is a shot that they give kids that are compromised with illness, it helps fight against RSV. If not you might want to ask about it...
Also we made sure we changed out our furnace filters every other month with a high quality filter during the winter months and always had a gallon sized hand sanitizer on hand for everyone to use in the house. Also we were told that everyone in the house should get a flu shot... we had very little problem with Brinley getting sick, just be battle armor ready for old man winter and flu season!!!

Hopefully this helps,
Mike, Rebecca & Brinley Patton

The Gatherum Family said...

those days were so fun in Logan huh? geez, if only we could go back to those simple times huh? comparitively fewer stresses and worries than present day, that's for sure! We should take a weekend jaunt up to Logan for memories sake!