Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Little Getaway

It may not be that far from home, but any getaway is a good getaway. I am sitting in a hotel room up in Park City. Tim had some work which brought him up this way and we thought it would be fun to take the opportunity to turn it into a mini vacation to try and decompress from all of the recent stress. I realize that this is probably more for myself than for Tim since he has been working here from the hotel lobby. The 3 older kids are staying with various family members which I can't thank them enough for. We obviously brought Ethan with us and I actually think he's also enjoyed a little one on one time. We will be up here for 2 nights.

We arrived here last night and it was so nice just to spend a little time with Tim. We haven't had much time to spend together which is normal after having a new baby, but it definitely has been emphasized with Ethan's heart problems. We went to the Olive Garden last night which I absolutely love. I never get to go there unless it is with my friend Jody or a special occasion. It is not Tim's favorite. (Tim just told me that he takes me there "all the time" and pointed out that the last time we went on a date we went to the Olive Garden. He said that we go there 80% of the time we go out. The only deceiving thing about that statement is that I was 6 months pregnant the last time we went on a date. So as I stated before, when you only go on a date once a year I consider that "a special occasion".)

The baby and I slept in this morning while Tim worked and then Tim was able to take a break to go out to lunch. We plan on going up to Heber City tonight to a good BBQ restaurant that my Dad recommended to us. While Tim was working I spent my day with Ethan in the outlet stores. I spent way more than I probably should have but hey, Christmas is coming and I can just say that I am getting a head start.

It has been so nice up here. I absolutely love the mountains. It was rainy last night but today it has been snowing. I love it! It makes me feel that much farther away from everything. Now, I realize that when I get home there is still laundry, dishes, and plenty of cleaning to do. But while I am away those things are far from my mind. I needed that.



Mike said...

Sounds like a nice little get-a-way, I agree that any time that your away from the house its like a vacation. I'm glad to hear you are having a great time, its nice that you could spend some time with Tim... Becky was at the outlet stores last week with her mom--looking for the bargains.

Take Care,

The Enforcer said...

Aren't vacations great? Even the tiny little ones. Sometimes they are just what you are looking for. I am glad to see Ethan doing as well as he is. We always keep him (and you guys) in our prayers.

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