Monday, October 26, 2009

Hence, His Nickname, "Blue"

This is why Ethan's 3rd surgery is needed. I've had a hard time capturing his true color but got lucky with this shot (although this picture still doesn't do his "blueness" justice). His index finger is the worst, but even his overall color compared to my hand shows that he truly does need the Fontan. Last night, we checked his O2 levels and he was about 77-78%. Fontan, here we come.



The Simmons Family said...

Crazy blue! Owen sats are rarely that high (even on O2) and he's as pink as can be. His lips turn blue when he drops into the 50's, but other than that, he's pink! It's a mystery.

When does Ethan have his Fontan? I know it's coming up. We'll be praying for a quick one.

Ty and Ber said...

That picture reminds me of an episode of House. However you know the cause of this blue shade. Here's hoping things go well next week!!

Kyle and Alli said...

Thanks for the comment... I will totally have to find some of those bags and give it a try! Good luck with the upcoming Fontan....those are some seriously blue fingers!

The Taylors said...

Oh that is so sad, Kylie always has her perfect shade of purple lipstick on. Is he blue like that all the time? Just think how pink he will be. ;)those are pretty good sats, Kylie is in the low 80's now. Thinking about you guys allot, How is everyone feeling? Hopefully better. Enjoy your Halloween!