Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'll Tell You What's Next!

You know on my last post titled "What's Next"? Well I have an answer for you. Drum roll please.......................SWINE FLU!!! That's right. My sweet, sweet Spencer is now a confirmed statistic in this year's flu scare.

He started feeling a little yucky Thursday night, but nothing distinct. He was feeling tired and said that he was coughing in first period earlier that day, but not since. He felt well enough to go to football practice and everything earlier that evening, so I told him to wake me up in the morning if he still wasn't feeling well and that we would keep him home from school . He never said anything more about it and went to school on Friday. However, once coming home from school he said he was tired all day at school and was now starting to get a headache. We'd taken his temperature several times since his first complaint on Thursday, and just like the other times, he had no fever. So, I told him to go and lay down and rest if he was feeling tired. Well, a couple of hours later he came into my room and said that he thought he was feeling warm. We took his temperature and this time it was 102.6.

By this time, Tim was on his way home from work and so he took Spencer to the InstaCare for a diagnosis. They did a full workup on him and felt that he had H1N1 since everything else came back negative and he was showing the "classic" symptoms. They started him on Tamiflu, and he's been staying at my parents house ever since.

He doesn't seem to have a terrible case of it. He's mainly tired and has been having headaches along with the fevers. I was really hoping that it would be something else since he hasn't been too sick. But no such luck. We got the phone call today that said he is indeed positive for the swine flu. Yeah! (you know I'm being sarcastic, right?)

So, I've sanitized our house and so far (knock on wood) none of the rest of us are showing symptoms. I REALLY hope we nipped it in the bud since we can't afford Ethan getting sick right before his surgery (especially with H1N1!).

I tell you, this H1N1 thing scares me.



buddens said...

What??? That on top of everything else! Just nuts! Hopefully Spencer recovers quickly and the rest of you stay healthy!

Ty and Ber said...

LOUSY! That is yucky that Spencer got H1N!. Hopefully everyone else will remain healthy especially Ethan.

Fowers Family said...

Have been seeing LOTS of cases this past week. Saw 6 alone on Sunday (yesterday). Usually pretty mild and Tamiflu really helps. You might want ot consider using it prophylacticlly for your family. Let me know if I can help. Remember the fever is the tell-tale sign so if anyone starts with a fever or lymph node invlovement, you probably have it! Love ya remember if I can help let me know. Jody

Jamie said...

We hope the rest of you stay healthy and wish Spencer a speedy recovery!

carolyn q said...

Oh, I am so sorry that this happened. Poor kid in having to being away from his mom while sick. Well, I am sure Grandma and Grandpa is taking good care of him. When I was sick my dad was always better at seeing to my sick needs than my mom . .kind of funny because I pamper my boys and they are sick and they don't want anybody except me to take care of them.
I hope that nobody else in your family gets sick.
Hang in there . . .

The Taylors said...

Yucky! I am so sorry, This swine flu thing is driving me CrAzY!!!! I hope everyone stays very very healthy. I don't think any of us are going to make it through this winter without being "contamintated" LOL! Will they postpone Ethans surgery now? Oh and your last post, you did an awesome job telling him what is going on! I totally look up to you! I don't want those days to come, but know they are just down the road :(