Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hanging In There

I wish I could report good news, but it turns out that our sweet Emily now has the "piggy flu". We sent her to go stay with my parents yesterday. I think that she got it from Spencer (since I was told that H1N1 has about a 5 day incubation period) and she started with some mild symptoms (just a mild sore throat and a very infrequent cough) on Tuesday. We kept her out of school that day even though she didn't have a fever "just in case". I started wondering if I was taking her symptoms "too serious" and started 2ND guessing myself keeping her out of school. Well, she ended up getting the fever early Wednesday morning which is when we finally took her in and started her on Tamiflu.

Since the rest of us are still feeling good, I am really hoping that we now have it contained. We quarantined Emily for the day prior to her having a fever "just in case" she got a temp.

I also talked to one of the Nurse Practitioners from surgery and she said that as long as Ethan himself wasn't showing symptoms, to plan on going ahead with his surgery. I guess only time will tell. Until then, we will continue living in our Lysol aerosol cloud.



The Simmons Family said...

Lysol and Hand Sanitizer will do it!!! :) So sorry you have so many sick kiddos. I hear that flu hits fast and hard. When is surgery?

The Taylors said...

I love the Lysol clouds we live in! Sorry you have another sick one. It's not fun. You should ask if you can put the whole family on tamiflu? Our ped was going to do that with us if we got the bug. Glad everyone else is staying healthy. How long did they say to keep the sick ones away? I always wonder how long they are contagious for? I don't think I spelled cantagious right :)

The Curtis Family said...

Andrea, the surgery is November 3rd (about 1 and a half weeks).

As far as the Tamiflu, I've asked 3 different doctors about getting the Tamiflu, even if just to have on hand to start asap when someone gets sick. But currently, no one will give us a prescription until someone actually gets sick. So far we've kept out kids away for a full 7 days even though they've felt better sooner than that.