Saturday, December 6, 2008

Home for the Holidays

My oldest brother Bryan has spent the last 6 months in Saudi Arabia (which he volunteered to do). This is not the first time that he has served our country and I am very proud him and his service. (Also in the the top picture on the left side is my brother Adam who served 6 months in Iraq about a year ago). I am very proud of them both and I am happy that we can all be together this year for the holidays.


Ty and Ber said...

Tell your brothers thanks. I am glad that you guys will be able to spend the holidays together!

Fowers Family said...

It is so good to see you are able to spend the holidays together. I am writing christmas cards and need your address, as you are not listed. Can I have it??? Love and miss you, can we get together? Jody

The Hood's said...

Congrats on his return! It means so much to be home together, especially around the holidays. My dad was able to be home for Christmas, and then leave the day after for Desert Storm.
I too am grateful for the service that they give to our country. We are so blessed to have the many freedoms that we do because of them! Please tell them THANK YOU from us, and enjoy your holidays!!

Angela Hanson said...

Im glad he is home too! Im so proud of Bryan and Adam! Its nice to know he is safe and sound! Especially for Christmas!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is wonderful that he will get to come home for the holidays. Tell him thanks on behalf of my family for his service to his country.