Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday, November 5th

The past couple of days have treated us fairly well. Tim is almost done with the sprinkling system. He was up until midnight on Friday and then was out working on it again with my Dad all day on Saturday. Needless to say, they were both tired and sore at the end of the day. The only bummer thing about Tim is that he had a tooth that simply broke last week. I just got a call from the dentist and they said to plan on at least $1000 to fix it. We lost our dental insurance when I cut down my hours at work when Ethan was born, so that expense is all ours. That Bites!

The kids are all doing well. Ethan started his RSV shots on Friday as well as his flu shot. I gave all of the other kids their flu shot. Spencer was really brave and Gavin cried but only had to be held down a little. Emily on the other hand, you would of thought the world was ending. She said she wanted to do it for Ethan, but she was too scared. She wanted me to give it to her in the leg. I told her it would hurt worse and that I would give it to her in her arm or in her hip. She was screaming and wailing and would run away if I even came close to her. The long and the short of it was that Tim ended up having to hold her down. She fought and screamed terribly. Tim covered her eyes and as soon as he did, she immediately calmed down, didn't move, and didn't cry. She can be such drama! I gave her the shot and she just looked at me and then smiled. She even giggled when she realized what a fuss she had made for a rather anticlimactic ending. I hope she remembers this next month when she has to do it again. Because this is the first year that I have had the kids get flu shots, both Emily and Gavin have to have their dose split in two and given 30 days apart. Oh joy.

Spencer and Emily started back to school today. They will be in until Christmas break. My goal now is to get the house clean again. It gets so out of control when they are out of school.

Ethan is`doing much better with eating his mush. I combined several ideas that were given and between that along with just a little bit of practice, he is doing really well. He seems to also be sleeping a little better at night after he eats his cereal. Thanks for all of the suggestions that were given. They really did help.



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