Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So we just got Ethan's lab results back from his lab draw yesterday afternoon. His Vancomycin level is getting too high and so they need to adjust his dose so that it doesn't cause kidney damage. I was hoping that maybe they could just keep him on the same dose but just spread it out to twice a day instead of every 8 hours. This way I could get a full night's sleep. But instead, I was told that the Pharmacist will adjust the dose and send us another delivery of the Vancomycin.

As far as his other labs go, his CRP is slowly going down but is still 2.9 (not even down 1 full point from his last draw) and his ESR has mysteriously gone back up to 29. He is acting fine, no fevers, and his lump is still gone. I was really hoping that we would be done with all of this and given a bill of good health today. I am sad and frustrated that things aren't resolving like they thought it should be.

I spoke with Dr. Williams (our Cardiologist) and he wants Ethan to have a CT scan tomorrow (at 9:00 am) to see if there are any pockets of infection or any signs that the infection is in his bone. And to be honest, I am not sure how this would effect or change what we are currently doing anyway.

This wasn't exactly how I was hoping things would turn out but I guess we can only do what we can.

I will let you know when I hear back on anything new.



Blake and Jessica said...

I hear the frustration and worry in your voice...is that strange? I cannot even imagine going through what you have with Ethan. Brody and I mention Ethan in our prayers every night, we will start mentioning his mama too. =)

gatherum1 said...

I, too, will be praying for Ethan and his mama (and his daddy, too). God bless you, dear Allison.

Jenny Lincoln said...

Oh Allison.. I am frustrated for you. On the positive side, at least from a cardiac point of view, Ethan is doing well, right? I will pray pray pray that this infection will be gone soon and life can move on for your family.

Ty and Ber said...

Seriously? I am so sorry. How frustrating. We will cont to pray for you guys. I'm glad that he is feeling well though. Hopefully they can give you some answers soon.