Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Results Are In

The results from Ethan's CT scan this morning are in. Nothing. No bone infection or anything else that might be odd. They also drew some labs to check his kidney function and they all came back good.

So, here is the "new" plan. We will stop his Vancomycin on Christmas although we won't pull his PICC line just yet. We will keep it in and watch him very closely for signs of infection (like fevers) until next Wednesday. It will be then, that they will draw labs again and see what his CRP has done without the antibiotics. And then obviously, depending on the labs, decisions will be made from there.

The reasoning behind this (according to our Cardiologist who consulted with the Infectious Disease doctor) is that sometimes when you have long term IV Vancomycin therapy, the CRP won't clear completely. I pray that this is the case and that we will be able to discontinue everything in a week.

However, here is the catch. This is all depending on his PICC line working. I don't know what they did at the hospital, but when I went to hang his 4:00 dose of Vanco, his PICC line is clotted off. I've got a call into the Home Health nurse to see if we can (again) TPA his line open and get it working. If it doesn't work, then all of the previous jabber might not be true anyway.

So, we will wait and see what will happen. I am going to go call the nurse back now since I've given her 40 minutes, and heaven forbid, I'm not very patient these days.


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Fowers Family said...

Yeah, I think the prayers are finally being answered. Hopefully Christams will bring more excitement than just presents! Can't wait to see you Tuesday night! Love ya, Jody