Monday, December 3, 2007

December 3, 2007

I am feeling guilty about not posting anything this last week. I didn't even do the 5 for Friday's. It has been fairly busy lately so I will just give a brief synopsis to catch up.

Ethan is continuing to do well. He has had a mild stuffy nose but nothing that a bulb syringe can't fix. He also got his 2nd flu and RSV shots last Friday. At that appointment he weighed 17lbs 10oz. That is only 7oz gained since his 1st RSV shot 4 weeks ago. I am not exactly sure what is a normal weight gain at this stage of the game, but I guess I was expecting more. He has been eating pretty well but has also been getting sweaty with some of his feedings. He has a cardiology appointment in a couple of weeks. I am actually excited to go and to make sure that things are still looking OK. I don't know if I will ever find a time where I don't worry about him.

We attended our first Christmas party of the season on Friday. This was for the Gatherum side of the family. Again, Tim volunteered to stay at home with Ethan and so just the older kids and I went. I really enjoyed the visiting and the kids had a great time playing the games and running around with their cousins. Each year we rotate who is in charge of planning and hosting the party and I guess next year it will be my turn. I actually think it will be fun to be in charge of it.

I was talking to Spencer yesterday, and just out of curiosity I was asking him if he couldn't have the #1 thing on his list (which is a NintendoDS) from either Santa or from us, what would his 2nd choice for a gift be? He wouldn't give me an answer and insisted that this was all that he wanted. I kept pressing him and then he finally said, "Mom, I know what you are doing! You just think that a Nintendo costs too much and want me to tell you something else that is cheaper." I just had to laugh. It was cute to see his mind working and see him thinking that he had to stay 1 step ahead of me to protect his beloved Nintendo.

Yesterday was the day of the teeth. Ethan's 2nd bottom tooth finally broke through which was a blessing. This 2nd one seemed to be worse than the 1st one. His gums were really swollen and were very tender. Also, Emily lost her 4th tooth yesterday evening. I was telling Tim that I've never been sentimental about these little teeth when they fall out. But yesterday, I was just looking at her little tooth in my hand and it just took me back to when she was a baby. We would have been living in Texas at the time she got this tooth. I could just remember her sitting in her swing at Betty and Larry's house and the amazing year that we'd spent with them. I then had a little flash forward to when Ethan will be her age losing the tooth that just came through today. I couldn't help but wonder what will have happened between now and then. I wonder if he will still be healthy. If he will be doing "normal" kid things or just doing his best to keep up with Gavin. It is hard to envision what the future holds for our family.

I have been having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I think part of it is just not being able to get out of the house much. There is so much going on around me that I am oblivious to. I think I simply need to get motivated enough to get the house clean and then get our Christmas decorations out. But right now, either way, it seems like more work. Bah Humbug!


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Kevin & Holly said...

I hear you on the lack of Christmas spirit thing. It sucks, but sometimes it just takes a bit of effort to get into it. It does help to get out for a minute. My grocery store always has live piano Christmas music during December and it's so nice. It really helps me be happy about grocery shopping. Maybe you could play some Christmas carols on CD while you're folding the laundry. Would that help? :)