Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day at the Market

Have you ever wondered what a Wal Mart in Africa would look like? Well, here is your glimpse. Every Friday, 44 villages come together in Oulessebougou to sell their goods. Surprisingly, you can find almost anything you need. (I actually found some Betamethasone cream for the rash on my face.)

This is what the Market looks like Saturday through Thursday. Very empty.

This was the hardware stand.

Anyone care for some dried fish? Honestly this stuff stinks!!!! There are flies all around this stand. The people would put the whole fish, (or parts) in their porridge. It was really gross to watch them eat it. I'm not a fish lover anyway. But this, was gross!

When I say that you can sell anything at the market, I mean Anything! This was from part of the stand selling things for medicinal healing. A dead rat still in the trap? Disgusting!

This is from that same stand. Turtle shells, snake skins, dead parrots. Seriously, the market was CRAZY!

This was just a stand selling produce. Notice the flies all over the cut up pumpkin (I think).

Here is another display of the dried fish. Since there are a couple of piles missing, I am assuming that someone was having a yummy dinner that night! (Eeeewwwww)

While in the market, the children would follow you everywhere trying to sell you their items. I felt bad that I didn't want what they were selling. Don't you love the Mt. Rushmore sweatshirt in the 95 degree weather?

In the tied up leaf balls, you will find Shea butter. It comes from Shea nuts that they roast and then prepare to get the oils out of. The oils harden and they put them in these leaf bundles to keep it from re-melting in the heat.
There are still more posts to come. Stay tuned.


~Rachel said...

This was an interesting post. The shea butter picture was interesting, but I'm with you on the dried fish. After seeing this Walmart is looking alot better, even on a crowded day.
What an eye opening experience!

Jenn said...


Jamie said...

Those are some of the craziest, most unbelievable pictures ever, what an adventure!

Palmer Family said...

Allison, I am so impressed with you!!! You are such an amazing person. This trip must've been incredible!!!

Ty and Ber said...

I'll take two piles of dried fish and 1 rat in the trap.