Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Africa Post #4

My cousin Holly arranged a service project making bracelets for the women in this village. I have to say that the woman and children absolutely LOVED them. I looked forward to passing them out every day. I would sometimes wear a few at a time and let the women have one of mine. I think that made them feel extra special to get my "personal" bracelet. Thanks Holly!

These 2 ladies were from the Dogon (sp?) tribe. Their faces were a lot longer and thinner and they also had the distinctive mouth tattoos.

This is the baby that we saved by performing an emergency C-section. Once delivered, the local nurse will take the baby and do the "standard" measurements. I have to say that I was obviously surprised to see how they measured the baby. They were not even the least bit gentle with these little ones. I guess it just goes to show how hearty these children really are.

This is just a picture of the Post Op Girls (Carie, Myself and Brandie) and our Transporter (Paul). This was taken on our last day just after we had packed up the OR.

OK, I'm really not trying to be gross here, but you just have to see it (I wish you could smell it) to really appreciate it (looking down inside was 100 times worse). This is the bathroom that we had to use during our days at the hospital. It was truly remarkable to see women who'd had an abdominal hysterectomy the previous day, walk out to this and squat. These women were amazing! Really, we are truly blessed.

We each got to scrub in on a case to get up nice and close. It was really cool to actually help assist the doctor and see everything first hand. Very exciting and educational.

Now, you can't have all work and no play, right? This is Kammisa giving me a WONDERFUL foot rub. This was the day that we went to the market and my feet were killing me! Honestly, Kammisa was the best. (I think it is really interesting that they never bend at the knee. They always bend straight down from their hips. Also, you can't help but notice how straight their backs are.)

These 3 ladies were hilarious! (The one in the middle was our patient and the other 2 were family members). The 3 of us in post op were given African names (mine is Yiridio Doumbia). From what I understand, certain family groups get along better with eah other than others. These women would tease Brandie and I and tell us that they didn't like us and to go home because their family didn't get along with our "families". However, they did get along with Carie's "family". So she could stay. Funny ladies.

Foosball anyone?


Palmer Family said...

Again, I'm amazed! That potty was crazy disgusting. I didn't know Holly made those bracelets! That is really cool!

mmurray said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! That must have been an amazing trip. And I'm glad you were able to go. I would have been crying the whole time. And those little kids are so cute. Do you plan on going again? How did the opportunity come? Can't wait to talk to you.