Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I don't know what my problem has been lately. I don't think I've ever gone this long without a blog update before. I guess no news is good news, right?

In my defense, we've been very busy. My sister, Angela got married last Wednesday. She of course looked beautiful and it was a fun night. Also, this last Saturday, we started putting in our yard. I had worked the night before and got to sleep around 6:30 that morning. I was able to sleep till about noon. However, I started feeling guilty and so I got up to help Tim, my dad, and my uncle Brent out in the yard. As soon as I got out there we began rolling out the grass. It lasted pretty much all day long. We did get some help from a few of my brothers and a couple of neighbors which definitely helped. I didn't realize how physically exhausting putting in a yard was. I honestly could hardly move that night, but, it was SO worth it. I can't wait until it's done and the kids and I can finally go out and play in our yard.

This week was supposed to be the developmental testing and sedated echo for Ethan. However, they called me Monday night and told me that it had to be changed until next Thursday and Friday. I was really hoping to get it done sooner, but I guess there is not much I can do about it.

Ethan is still vomiting. He does it at least once or twice a day. His energy level is still really good which keeps me from panicking too much. In fact, today I was making lunch for Gavin and Ethan was sitting on my be watching T.V.. I don't worry about him falling off because he is scared of the edge. However, when I went to go and check on him, he was no longer on the bed or even in the room for that matter. He had climbed off of my bed onto the bench at the foot of the bed and then onto the floor. He then crawled down the hall and climbed up 6 stairs into the bonus room where he was just playing with his toys like a big boy. As soon as he saw me, he started bouncing up and down with a great big smile. You could tell he was SO proud of himself. And although this means my luxury of keeping him in one spot is over, I am proud of him too.



Fowers Family said...

I have been watching your blog for your next posts and praying that nothing has been happening with Ethan. You are always so good at posting that I worried hat something had changed and you didn't have the time to let all know. I was so glad today to se that everything was fine. Time for us to go to the park!! Can't wait to see you and the kids. Congratulations on the yard, that always means less mopping!!! Love ya, Jody

buddens said...

You should post pictures of the yard when it's all done. Stuff like that is so rewarding! And how nice to have all those people around to help out.

I can just picture Ethan's grin! What a cute little muffin.

Alison (Abby's Mom) said...

Ugh. Delays always make me so anxious. Sorry the rescheduled on you.

Love to hear Ethan is on the move! I know it makes things harder for you, but it's great to see these little miracles getting around!

Keep us posted!