Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Fib

So I have to admit, I made a little fib. When I mentioned (a couple of posts ago) that Tim's airline arrangements had been messed up, it applied to our whole family. I didn't want to post that our whole family was going to be out of town for 9 days (and that there would be a nice empty house to target). So with that being said, we just flew back into Salt Lake this afternoon after spending some much needed time off in Texas.

First of all I have to say we all had a great time. We played at parks, went to the zoo and six flags, went to the Rangers game, visited the stockyards, had BBQ's, celebrated Emily's birthday (which is this Wednesday), and spent a lot of time just visiting with family and friends. The weather was great (with the exception of 1 night of severe storms and Tornado sirens wailing which just added to our adventure). The weather was in the 70's and 80's the whole time and we all got our share of the sunshine. We had a wonderful time.

I can't say that getting to Texas was as much fun. When we were leaving SLC, we had put the 2 older kids in charge of a couple of bags, only to find out while waiting in line to check in that the bags were left in the car. We called my mom to bring back the bags and Tim left the kids and I to go and meet her. I kept on going just to keep things moving along. It took a long time to get through security because they placed the kids and I in a glass box with a security guard while they went through all of our carry on bags. The kids and I finally made it to our boarding gate with literally 1 minute to spare. However, because we were the last ones there, we didn't have any seats on the plane because they had over booked the flight. I seriously about started to cry. Luckily, they were able to get enough people to volunteer to stay behind that we were FINALLY able to get on the plane. It was only after we had our tickets in hand that Tim was able to meet back up with us with the carry on baggage that had been left behind and missed all of the drama. Once we got on the plane, our flight was great. The kids did really well and Ethan slept most of the flight. It's nice to say that our flight home was smooth and there was not much drama.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who support us and keep up on our day to day happenings. I will post pictures when I am done unpacking.



The Gatherum Family said...

Glad you guys had a good time and that you are home. Are we celebrating b-day's this coming sunday? Is it Tim, Darren's and Emily's? I'll call you to see what she wants. I was really confused when I read that Tim's flight was cancelled-thanks for clarifying-:)

buddens said...

What a fun trip! Crazy stuff always happens at airports, especially when you have kids with you, it seems. How cool is it that Ethan is well enough to fly on an airplane! Woohoo!

Mike & Rebecca said...

You lied to us...a little fib...I can't blame you I would do the same. I'm glad to hear that you had a great time. You guys needed a break...when we went on a flight in September I have to admit I was a little nervous taking Brinley, but she did fine...a little benadryl and she slept most of the six hour flight. Its nice to see the weather finally changing, now its allergy season but you're not hearing me complain!(sneezing)

Mike & Family