Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Daily Grind

So now that the vacation is over, I've really been trying to get the house in order so that I can get some spring cleaning done. Spencer and Emily started back in school today which should help. As most mothers know, it's hard to get anything done when the messes keep following you.

I am hoping I can get it in pretty good shape by Thursday, so I can take that day off and enjoy it. Believe it or not Ethan will be turning 1 that day! We have been so blessed this year that it is hard to express in words. Because of this, I've made (another) montage. I know you are probably getting sick of them by now, but you can't do it for just 1 child without doing it for the others. This one however is different. It will tell the story of his first year and is longer than the other ones (about 10 minutes). We've had a big year and it was hard to compact it into just a few minutes. So with that being said, watch for it on Thursday.

We celebrated Tim's, Emily's, and Ethan's birthday's (along with a couple of others) on Sunday with my extended family. We had a BBQ and a nice evening of cake, presents, and visiting. I am sure we will do something special on Thursday to recognize Ethan and his journey. I am not sure at this point what we will do but we definitely need to celebrate. First birthday's are always fun and important, but due to the circumstances, this one just seems extra special. Anyway, enough stalling, I need to get back to getting the house clean. I hope today finds all of you well.


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Fowers Family said...

I'll try and call tomorrow as it is my much needed day off. Can't believe he is going to be one year old, so many blessings we all have!!