Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Echo today

Well, today Ethan had his echocardiogram which is the first of two tests he has to have before his surgery. They were able to sedate him with an oral medication, so he didn't even have to be poked this appointment. The cardiologist said that everything looked good and that there were no surprises found with his echo. It took Ethan a little longer to come out of the sedation than I had expected and since waking up he has been pretty sleepy and a little grumpy. The nurses have said that this is all normal.

The cardiologist said that he is definitely ready for his Glenn surgery due to his good weight gain. At this appointment he weighed 14 lbs even which was actually down from his visit with the pediatrician last Monday when he was 14lbs 50z. This doesn't really surprise me seeing as how he really struggled to eat from the bottle for the 5 days when he had blood in his stool. I hope he doesn't have a fit in the hospital when I can't nurse him.

Well, even though the MD states that of the 3 surgeries this is the "easy" surgery, it still scares me to death. It was hard to see him sedated and not acting like himself while coming out of sedation. I just hope he doesn't remember any of this when he gets older.

His next appointment is this upcoming Tuesday and this will be the cardiac cath. This is a test where they place a catheter in his femoral artery and thread it up to his heart so they can get exact pressures from his heart and lungs and to also get a better view of his heart structures. This test is obviously more invasive than today's appointment but it still an outpatient test as long as there are no complications.

Again, we appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers that are coming our way. We truly could not do this without all of the love and support that we've received. Thank you!



Jenn said...

This is Jenn- Ian's mom. Ian and Ethan were roommates for a day or two in the PICU before surgery. Wow- he is looking good! I was so happy to see your blog, especially the insights about the sedated echo. We are going to Utah for that this Friday. Boy, this is scary stuff. I hope you don't mind but I'll have to check your blog often now to check up on the cute little guy. Good luck with everything.
Jenn Pearson

The Gatherum Family said...

Hey AL,
I love checking out Ethan's blog...I want you to know I am thinking of you. My heart just breaks for you...Please know I am here. Adrian

Brynn said...

Hey guys,
I am so glad things went like they were supposed too... I am watching carefully because of Alex... Any info to be aware of...You know.. Good luck... We'll be praying for him.