Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Post

So, I needed a few reminders. And I don't have any pictures to post since I keep forgetting my camera when I go anywhere. But, at least it is a post, right?

Really, our life is pretty mundane. In fact, you really don't have to continue past this point unless you are REALLY interested in how boring our lives are. Anyway, if you are still reading, here is what we've been up to, minus the visual additives.

Spencer is on a turkey hunt with my Dad and my brother. He has been struggling with following through with his school work lately and this was used as a motivator to keep his grades up. He went last year and had a ton of fun. He is such a low key kid, it's nice to know that there are still a few things that motivate him.

The other kids and I went to a Hope Kids activity last night (of course, I forgot my camera). Emily was really excited when she found out that the Chanel 5 News was there in an attempt to raise awareness for the group since it is new to Utah. However, when we sat to watch the 10:00 news, the story must have been bumped. There was a small earthquake somewhere here in Utah and I guess that was more important. Emily was really bummed about it because she was really looking forward to seeing herself on TV.

I also took Gavin and Ethan to the park today (of course, I forgot my camera). They have had so much fun now that the weather is getting nice enough to play outside.

I've also started watching my niece 3 days a week for my sister Angela. Both Gavin and Ethan really look forward to the days that she comes over. Although Ethan really enjoys her, he is also trying to adjust to having someone younger than himself needing so much attention. He has actually been pretty naughty lately and I think this has contributed to it a little bit.

As far as Tim, he's just as awesome as ever.

Anyway, so there is my post as promised. I will try and have pictures for the next time I post.



Fowers Family said...

Yipee!!! It is so good to hear from you. That isn't boring, in fact it is great to see that you are doing everyday things and I am not praying for good health as soon as I read it! I love and miss you. I am having surgery Friday, call me I will tell you more. Not to worry, but I will be at Mckay and was hoping that Friday night you are working??? Maybe you could be my nurse? Maybe we could get together that way? Ha! Ha! Love ya, Jody

gatherum1 said...

Yeah! Congratulations on keeping up on your blog. I love reading your posts, even if I get to see you every week. Good job!

Angela Hanson said...

Thanks for letting Emery come play! She has so much fun and I am truely so greatful for you!!! Love you!

Karalee said...

Hello! It's time for another one, I keep checking! Love you!

One Happy Heart Family said...

It's been a while??? LOL :0)