Thursday, June 11, 2009

Texas, part 2

Again, this post is later than I intended it to be. I had planned on getting it done last week, but obviously, it didn't get done. It is a little long, but I figured I had just better get it done. I hope you enjoy!

These were all taken at the Water Gardens in down town Ft. Worth. We used to enjoy coming here when we lived in Texas and always make it a point to visit when we come back. Good times.

These 2 pictures were taken at one of the two BBQ/B-day parties that we went to while in Texas. This one consisted of a lot of visiting and a fun water party for the kids. We had a great time and ate WAY too much. Ethan definitely has a blue tint in this picture. He must have been a little cold.

Before the BBQ, we went horseback riding at Katrina's parent's house. The kids were really looking forward to it and it didn't disappoint. They wore their cowboy hats that they got from the "Big Texan".

Before we started riding horses, the kids were being shown this rat snake. Gavin was a little too close and got a "kiss" from this good sized snake. Gavin was taken back but didn't cry. Poor kid. He just couldn't catch a break this trip. If you notice, (as if you couldn't miss it) the green band-aid is covering the stitches that he had to get just a couple of days earlier. I guess he was playing tag with the older kids and tripped and fell into a ceramic dolphin. The dolphin shattered and it's fin opened up his forehead down to the bone. It just so happens that I was out with some friends and missed the whole thing. Tim and his sister, Rachel, took him to the ER. You just can't call it a vacation without stitches and a snake bite. Right?

We also spent one day at Six Flags. Rachel was kind enough to watch Gavin and Ethan and we brought Ashley and Katie with us to join in on the fun. The weather was great and after all of the high school/field trip kids left, we pretty much walked onto every ride. As you can see, the kids loved the water ride. I always sit out on this one. I don't enjoy the feeling of damp Levi's all day. Also, Spencer went on a couple of rides that he "swore" he would never go on. He finally tried them and found out that he really liked them. There were still a couple of rides he refused to go on. But that's OK. There is always next year.

In the past, we usually go to the Ft. Worth Zoo. However, this year, we decided to go with some cousins to a place called Fossil Rim. Basically, you slowly drive and look at all of the animals. Along the way, you have a bag of food that you get to feed the animals. There are zebras, giraffes, ostrich, and a bunch of exotic deer/animals. It takes a couple of hours to drive through and the kids really enjoyed feeding the animals out of their hands. We stopped in the middle of the drive for a picnic, petting zoo, and souvenirs. It was a lot of money, but well worth the experience and the memories.

Here are just a couple of more pictures from the Stockyards. I love the one where it looks like the Cowboy is patting Gavin on the head. Also, isn't Emily a pretty girl when she isn't covered with dirt and/or snakes?

Gavin has such a fun personality. He is usually the center of all the fun and likes being the life of the party. He is such a fun kid.
Well, that is the last of the "Texas" post. Until, next time. Love you all!


Fowers Family said...

OMG your kids look so big!!! I hope you are doing well and still plan to get together, this new job just limiting my time for a while. I guess there is always some excuse. I miss you but the blog helps me to keep updated when I have time. I am glad you had a great vacation! Jody

buddens said...

That first picture totally reminds me of Samuel the Lamanite! What a fun trip! I can't believe Gavin got bitten by a snake too. He's got to be one of the most active kids on the planet.

Jamie said...

Mark said . . . Your pictures of Texas make me want to go back to my home state. Esp. when we have nothing but rain and cold here in Utah!

Angela Hanson said...

Only Gavin could get bitten by a snake! Poor kid! I bet Emily had fun riding the horse! Looks like a fun trip!

Ty and Ber said...

That zoo looks like so much fun. I can't believe that Gavin got bit by a snake, that kiddo has some luck!

Looks like you guys had a super fun vacation.

Jenn said...

Wow, the zoo looks amazing! I bet the kids loved it.

Zaltana said...

What a fun trip!! I hear great things about Texas from a friend of ours (in spite of the snakes) - I can't wait to go see it for myself!!
Glad you had such a great time!!

Palmer Family said...

vLooks AWESOME! I cannot believe how much Emily looks like you! At least one of em does!!!:)