Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Africa Post #6

I hate that in this picture my feet are so puffy but I wanted you to see how cute my feet were (minus the bug bites and shoe rub marks). Anyway, the night before we left Africa, a few of us decided to get some ornamental tatoos by a couple of the local women. I took a picture of mine when we got to Germany and I could finally shave my legs. One of the first things I did when I got home was to go and get a pedicure with my mom. It looked a lot better with my toenails painted. The tatoos are pretty much gone now, but it was a sure a fun thing to do.

This is how they did the tattoos. (I offered to hold the flashlight, but she wanted to do it.) I think that the material they use is hair dye. Anyway, they smash it into the corner of a baggie and squeeze it out into these pretty designs. It took a lot of patience on their part and a lot of flexibility on mine. I had to keep twisting and turning so that they could get all the way around my foot and then hold that position until they were done.

This sign was just outside of our compound where we stayed.

This is the view that I had every morning when I brushed my teeth. I thought it was interesting how they have rocks holding their roofs on.

These 2 little guys were using these old tires and sticks as toys. They would run and then hit the tire with the stick to get it rolling along beside them.

Even though dressed in blue, this is a little girl. Her mother was pregnant with twins and the local doctors delivered her vaginally. You can tell that she is the first born because of the tie around her wrist. However, the 2ND baby got stuck sideways and passed away before she could be delivered. The local doctors were unable to get her out and so our team did a C-section to deliver the 2ND little girl.

While in Ouelessebougou, we also did an emergency C-section. The mother had been laboring for too long and local doctors new the baby was in distress and feared it would die. They came and got us and luckily we were able to save this little girl. This is Dr. Kammeyer with the healthy mom and new baby.

I thought this little pumpkin was so cute with her hair clips shaped like feet.

This cutie pie was so smiley and playful. She belonged to a family member of one of our patients. We gave her a sucker on our last day there and she was in heaven!


Ty and Ber said...

I like the design of the tatoos on you feet. That is crazy how they do it.
Those little kiddos look so cute.

The G Fam said...

Thank-you for the awesome gift! I just got mine and love it! As soon as things slow down around our house, I will get our pay-it-forward going! Thank-you, and what an amazing trip to Africa! I love the pictures and stories!

The Simmons Family said...

The pictures are AMAZING! What a great experience! I wish I could find some feet clips for my hair.

Fowers Family said...

I get excited when you have a new post. I love to see the pictures, and here of your adventures. Jody

tonya said...

Hey girl, I am so sad that I didn't get to go this year. I miss Mali so much. Your pictures are great. I miss all my friends there in ouelessebougu. I am so glad that you could go and experience it. It's hard to explain to people who have never been there. The sounds and the smell alone but I miss it. Good luck with your little guy. I feel your pain through all of that. Cambria has had both the Glen and the Fontan. She is now 8 and is doing great. You wouldn't even know a thing is wrong with her but it was a long road. My prayers are with you and your family.

Jenn said...

Again WOW! What an amazing experience. Those children are so cute. They all have such big beautiful eyes. It was so lucky the children you saved by c-section while you were there. What timing!